Monday, December 04, 2006

Film Star Penelope Cruz

The title of this post is the answer to the wheel of fortune puzzle, which I solved before the players in the game - yay me.

Some December Birthday (etc.) shouts:

1 - Jenn
2- Jill
6 - Me! (also Joan)
10 - My late parents wedding anniversary (1955)
25 - Jesus
28 - Lucy
29 - Steven

Spent this past weekend in oddly named town of New Jersey with Pam doing search committee work for our church. It was great getting to know Pam better, hanging out with a fellow Yankee fan living in MA, and meeting a unique and interesting priest.

If you are reading this and wealthy enought to buy a lavish gift for this hard working blogger, here's a hint: Garmin Nuvi 660.

One of the greatest stand up routines in history will finally be available on DVD come February, 2007.

In chatting with Pam during our 7 hours or so of driving, she asked me if I'd ever written a Limerick. I'm fairly certain that I haven't and as I took a moment to pause and reflect, the following came to me:

As '06 ends this month of December
Was it a year that you'll always remember?
In the new year, play to win
Always keep your heart in
And you always remain a contender.


Egan said...

Hopatcong isn't that oddly named.

Chris said...

Hopatcong is quite odd, thanks for playing young man. Fortunately I didn't need to pass through Hopatcong on the way to Succasunna.