Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Jenn/Jersey Bound

I can't let this day go by without a Happy Birthday shout out to my dear friend Jenn. I wihs I could have been at Durgin to celebrate, but know that my sprit was there and I love you lots.

With very few moments to myself over the last week or so, I am gearing up for a business trip of sorts that will take me to Succasunna, New Jersey this weekend. While having spent considerable time in the state of NJ, I have never even heard of this unusually named city/town until recently.

With the Fall semester winding down, I am hoping for a touch less stress in my life.

I just agreed to pay more than $2800. for a new washer and dryer (WOW!) - more on that after delivery...but I am pround to say that I was able to get a great deal from a small local merchant and stick it to the demon seeds that are Best Buy and Home Depot.

Here's a little "Weird Al" for ya...

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Anonymous said...

awe Chris... you are too sweet!
Have a great trip and i'll see you soon!