Thursday, December 14, 2006

Like Watching Bad Performance Art

The title is a quote from Jeff Probst regarding a survivor challenge in progress as I watch and write.

As some of you know I was down in Staten Island for a christening. It was great seeing so may old friend's and neighbors; some whom I haven't seen in many years. One of my old neighbors that I ran into was Eddie White, the father of four girls that were part of the neighborood kids. Eddie, though clearly aged, was still the vibrant, charming, witty, and interesting man I had remembered and it was fun seeing and reconnecting with him.

I was saddened last evening to receive a call informing me of Eddie's sudden passing the night before. It's just so odd to have spent time with someone you haven't seen in a long time and next thing you know, they are gone. It definitely awakens one as to their own mortality.

Eddie, I know where you are. You and your family were a big part of my growing up and remain in my bank of memories, all wonderful. Say hi to my mom and dad for me.

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