Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Survivor:Cook Islands

I haven't had the time to comment on the most recent season of Survivor which ended this past Sunday. The season started with 4 teams, divided by race/ethnicity which caused a bit of a stir in the press.

Shortly into the season, they "integrated" into two random teams and carried on as usual. Only what seems amazing to me, is that after 13 seasons they still know how to stir the pot enough and diversify the contestants enough, to keep the game compelling.

The ending of the game was changed where instead of two people confronting the jury for the million bucks, this time there were three. However, Becky really had no chance in my opinion to win a vote alongside Yul and Ossie.

Yul was a brilliant strategist while commendable physically and Ossie just dominated the physical challenges throughout the season. It really came down to a point where it would be hard to argue if either had won the game.

The way the alliance of four that made it into the final four and how it played out where Sundra was eliminated in a tiebreaker round was a demonstration of ethics and sportsmanship that is rarely, if ever seen in professional sports anymore.

Abrupt end...nothing left to say other than I enjoyed the season immensely.


Egan said...

I feel you brother. This was an enjoyable season to watch. Between Yul and Ossie, either would have been good. I guess I would have chosed Yul if I was on the jury. This show still is enjoyable for me after however many seasons it has been.

Chris said...

Wasn't it kind of freakey to see Ossie on the reunion show all clean shaven and kinda chubby?

Egan said...

Yes, it's very weird to see the reunion show. They always put on weight and look much different when clean shaven.