Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Tree Musketeers

So we went to get the Christmas tree today. It has been a couple of years since there has been a tree in the house for a variety of reasons and I must admit, I was a bit hesitant to consider getting a tree considering the cat and his frisky, curious youth.

We put him down in the basement until the tree was placed in the stand and set and whne he came up and finally saw the tree, his eyes widened in fear and he ran as far away as possible. Right now, about three hours later, he seems to be warning up a bit, at least now he is walking into the living room but there is still some hesitation and uncertainty.

I just expected all along that he'd be all over the thing climbing it and it would be destroyed almost immediately. While I am still fairly certain that it will happen that way, I suspect it may take more time (not much more) that I originally expected.

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner and the traffic patterns, especially near the malls, are as ridiculous as the first time I wished I could simply disappear for the entire month of December and leave the commercial rigor of this time behind me.

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