Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Year in Review 2006

January saw the debut of Howard Stern on Satellite radio and the dawning of a new age in, shall we say “colorful”, morning radio: and I love it! I discovered a pipe had been struck with a nail during the final phase of the wood flooring being installed which made for a few months of an expensive messy while awaiting the insurance claims and the contractor to make the repairs (kudos to Tommy for doing the right thing). The annual-ish holiday gathering was a small group of four, but smashing nonetheless. I attended an Episcopal ordination ceremony. Took a brief “reunion tour” down in NYC which culminated in the semi-annual reunion, this time at the DeCoursey’s which turned into a sleepover due to severe weather. I saw the great Billy Joel in concert. Chris Penn died.
February was the month where I posted my first meme of the year. I attended a bogus traveling zoo and was ripped off royally. “Grandpa” Al Lewis passed away. My dear friend, the good Doctor Liz left MassBay and it simply has not been the same since. I won front row tickets and meet & greet passes to see Martina McBride. I had already purchased tickets which I was able to get a full refund for due to the fact that the concert had been postponed by one day due to a blizzard. Martina was amazing and I may have been slightly creepy. Jammie finally took to blogging (which was great while it lasted but unfortunately, it didn’t). I left for San Diego to attend a conference.
March, early March, was when I returned from San Diego. I offered a list of topics I wanted to talk about on this blog but as of yet, haven’t gotten to many of them. I learned that I am 54% evil. I memed again. I fell in love with Roomba and sweet mint flavored Orbit gum. My new windows were installed.
April brought yet another meme to From a Whisper to a Scream. I learned about a herniated disc in my neck and a bone spur in my shoulder and had my first steroid injection. Jill & Bryan were married off and slowly began to blog less often.
May was when I did the walk for hunger, 20 miles only this time in extreme pain thanks to the aforementioned shoulder and neck problems. I did have the pleasure of Jenn and Steve along for the walk which made it more fun than usual. I had surgery to remove the bone spur from my shoulder. I actually used speech recognition software to post to my blog. I saw the “Greatest Show on Earth” for the first time. Taylor Hicks became the American Idol. I saw Bruce Springsteen in concert. I “stole” a chocolate chip muffin.
June was when my 400th post on this blog appeared. I received an “Extra Mile” award at work. I made a spin-art Frisbee or two. I had another steroid injection, this time smack dab in my neck. Al Gore made a brilliant appearance on SNL. I attended the MCO conference in Lowell, MA. Another historic moment for the Episcopalians, who elected a female bishop for the first time. I began using an electric razor. Began physical therapy for my neck problems (Deb, you rock!).
July was a dark month when Collegiality went about as awry as it possibly could. Marshmallow fluff actually made headlines. We adopted Oliver, our cat. Actually, when we adopted him, his name was Robin #6, but we changed that – fast. I began playing with my vinyl record collection for a while. My buddy Mike and my cousin Brian became daddy’s for the first time.
August, Mel Gibson, well, you know. I visited Nova Scotia via the Cat Ferry. I published “Greatest Hits? – Volume 2” on this blog. My car had a conniption in Canada. The Yankees ate the Red Sox for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and a Nightcap. I introduced Cory Sharmin to the blogging community, Summer reunion at the DeCoursey’s.
September is when I wrote my first children’s story, Adam’s Angel. The Crocodile Hunter was killed by a sting ray. Heineken light came into my life. I wrote this quote, "I've come to that point in life where having a little elastic in my waistband is a good thing, and not so much a funny thing." I completed physical therapy and had separation anxiety because it worked really well and my therapist was totally cool. My cat farted. Yet another Fall semester begins.
October is when I wrote my second children’s story, Christmas Angel. I met Les and Mrs. Singes as they were in town from the west coast to attend a wedding. New York Yankee Cory Lidle flew his airplane into a NYC building and in the process, died. I used Audioblogger for the last time before the service went away. The U.S. population officially surpassed the 300 million mark, I went to Jill’s excellent Halloween party as an uninspired prisoner, wearing the same boring, cheesy costume I did two years prior. I began listening to the audio versions of David Sedaris books, read by the author. Rush Limbaugh proved once again that he does not deserve human life. Hugh Laurie hosted Saturday night live brilliantly.
November is when my parody called “Reacharound Sue” was written (by me of course). I memed yet again. Deval Patrick made history. The democrats made a comeback. I saw Borat – what an amazing film. O.J., K-Fed, what have you. My garage door/opener took a crap – got them taken care of with a smoking new super fast garage door opener. Okay, another meme. People proved how dumb they really can be when the Playstation 3 was released. Thanksgiving at the Jeffrey’s again – yummy and fun! Had to hire a pest control team to handle a termite and carpenter ant problem. I bought a new washer and dryer, a really cool ones. I apparently am a Ford Mustang.
December is when I visited a strangely named town in New Jersey. I turned 42. I wrote a limerick, more accurately in the form of a limerick. My cat crawled up the fireplace and got dirty, real dirty. I drove to Staten Island for the christening of my pal’s child. An old friend passed away, rest in piece Eddie. My friend Jerry perplexed the masses from India, again. I got a Christmas tree. My cat mauled a Christmas tree. A runner in India failed a gender test. Survivor:Cook Islands came to an end. I memed once more. The “Godfather of Soul” James Brown shuffled off his mortal coil, I wrote a singlet, and I typed this year in review.


sprizee said...

My favorite. My cat crawled up the fireplace and got dirty, real dirty.

Sounds like one cool cat.

Chris said...

He's a cool little bugger (I was gonna say dude, but it just didn't seem fair). He has a sweet tooth too - he really enjoys a little dab of whipped cream as a treat every so often (when we make hot chocolate).