Wednesday, January 10, 2007


At the reunion this past saturday, one of the big things was this 20Q (20 questions) toy. We all had become so addicted to this thing, I actually bought one for myself yesterday and we were passing it around here for a bit. A bargain at 10 bucks!

Last night was another interview with a priest. I have felt a very strong connection with this one since first getting her resume and meeting her last night, those feelings only gre stronger. One more candidate to meet next week before we deliberate over who to recommend making a call to.

There's another "professional day" coming up here at the college, I hate professional day cause it always sucks.

Here's a little bonus (mostly for the Dee family) memorabilia nonsensical couplet relating back to a group of us years ago getting together to bowl (of all things and for reasons I no longer remember). I do remember the scores being insanely bad which leads me to believe that we were drunk because I am a much better bowler than these scores indicate, though again, it was many, many years ago....
Johnny Dee, he bowled a 120
I bowled 110
he beat me by 10
Reality TV update: I caught the first episode of Grease: You're the One that I Want and the new season of The Apprentice. The Grease show didn't win me over in epsiode one as it just comes off as a bad rehash of Idol and formulaic with regard to the judging panel. I'll give it at least one more shot. I enjoyed the Apprentice for many reasons. The changes they made in the show are fun, the idea that the losing team has to live oudoors in a tent with an outdoor bathrrom facility and just crude living conditions. Also, the winning project manager gets to sit in the boardroom alongside Trump and his mega-hot daughter Ivanka. I think as the show progresses, these two changes will add to the dynamic greatly.
I am looking forward to the return of Idol next week and the soon to return new season of Survivor. I do miss the now defunkt show The Swan because it was so fun to watch and make fun of.

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