Monday, January 29, 2007

Due to Overwhelming Response

I thought I'd use this post to share with all of you the wonderful, inspiring response my dear friend Jane offered in an effort to help me realize that someone does care that I'm virtually voiceless (take note that she lives about 160 miles away). I might point out that Jane's tips did help ground me and my current wave of the blues so perhaps by sharing them, those of you feeling a bit out of it may find comfort in them as well.

Chris, I care that you're battling laringitis!

To pick you up, I have a few little things that just might help.

  1. Put off the diet until you are feeling 100%
  2. Keep the double stuffs (oreos)
  3. Be grateful that you are NOT in Vrindaban, India
  4. Be grateful that you (or anyone related to you) will NEVER be in Vrindaban
  5. Be grateful that you are not in Bagdad getting shot at
  6. Be grateful that you didn't get mauled by a mtn lion in California while hiking with your wife
  7. Be grateful that Donald Trump didn't just send you to rehab to get cleaned up
  8. Be grateful that you're not running for President of the United States and eating at every diner in New Hampshire
  9. Be grateful that you can afford the $2.91 for a gallon of milk (the national average)
  10. Be grateful that you're not Prince Charles making nicey nice with inner-city kids in Philadelphia shooting basketballs in a double breasted suit
  11. Finally, if you ever need a pick me up, just watch the Today show and be reminded that life really doesn't suck! I just did and it worked!

    Feel better, Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane
With that, I only ask that if you completely lack a sense of humor - please get professional help or take the advice of the legendary Dr. Timothy Leary, especially the drop out part.

With Love...

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Chris said...

Dear Email Friend,
I love that you read my blog and occasionally email feedback but would greatly appreciate if you post comments right onto the blog, even anonymously if that is your concern.

In response to your question, Jaaaaaaaaaane is one of the buddy John struck gold.

And yes, the length of time one can safely dunk an double stuff oreo varies somewhat from the "single stuff: variety. Thanks for playing.