Friday, January 05, 2007

Head Games

I got a pimple on my forehead the size of a quarter. I've been slammed so badly at work over it today that I had to begin doing my impression of a 7-11 employee.

There a dude that comes into the computer lab all the time. I actually said this to him today in joking as a resuly of crafting the perfect line based on understanding my audience, "Hey, you wanna go drink some raw eggs and whistle at ugly chicks?" Once again proving that I am one funny motherfucker.

I broke the 5,000 song plateau on my iPod yesterday.

I have canceled my Netflix subscription for now. Their shipping department really sucks. I'm gonna chill for a while and maybe give Blockbuster a shot next time.

I am driving down into Brooklyn, NY (my hometown) for a reunion party tomorrow; I'll be stopping by Thrify Beverage on Coyle Street to pickup some Manhattan Special and Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda.

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