Thursday, January 04, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

It's January 4th and the temperature outside my house, in New England, is 54 degrees. Maybe President Gore is on to something.

Is it me or is it just not as fun as it used to be to receive a phone call?

Britney, in 2007 remember news, is good news.

Whatever happened to Saturday night?

Anyone know where to get one of those giant Christmas tree disposal bags?

Poland Springs, coming to you straight from Maine.

I got nothing. Correction, I do got something....Dance!


Egan said...

President Gore, don't we wish? Ugh, instead we're stuck with the Bushwhacker.

Chris said...

I hear ya bro. It is important to remind the world who did win the popular vote however. We really need to do away with the electoral college (and if I had any say, term limits - but only after the electoral college goes away)