Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Sick Day

As I mentioned yesterday, I am taking a sick day today and I thought I'd bore you all by updating throughout the day how I soend my time at home today. Here's the running list so far:

  • Awakened by alarm but stayed in bed while my wife and daughter made as much noise as possible getting ready for their day.
  • Somehow got back to full sleep state but awakened by urge to pee at about 8:35.
  • Relieved urge, straightened out the covers and fluffed up the pillows then laid back to watch some TV.
  • Came downstairs to enjoy an overflowing bowl of Cocoa Krispies.
  • Here I am! I am heading back upstairs though to "freshen up" and make an attempt at getting back under the covers for more Z's....I'll touch base with you later for another update.
11:49 AM Update
  • Took care of the "Three S's", brushed teeth and put on some warm clothing.
  • Made an attempt to get some more sleep but that happens to be really difficult for me after a shower, so I read for a bit hoping to get drowsy only to realize I had become increasingly jealous of Oliver (my cat).
  • I decided to put the book down and give some TV a shot for a while; Oliver slept through it all.
  • Came down and fixed myself a cup of tea along with a toasted bagel with butter.
  • Here is am now watching last night's Jimmy Kimmel from the DVR while sipping on my tea and writing this. Until later...
2:49 PM Update
  • Switched off the TV and tuned into Howard Stern on the Satellite radio.
  • Finally caught some Z's - on the sofa in the living room.
  • Checked e-mail.
  • Came here to type this while noshing on pretzels and sipping berry flavored juicy juice from a little box.
5:00 PM Update
  • Caught some more Z's on the couch while listening to the radio.
  • Stretched a bit and thought about watching a movie.
  • Watched "Artie Lange's Beer League"
  • Wife and child arrived home.
  • Prepare dinner.
  • Type this while dinner is cooking.
  • Signing off for now....with Love.
10:26 PM - Final Update for the day
  • Ate dinner (BBQ Ribs and tater tots).
  • Went to see daughter's chorus performance.
  • Checked email, did some prep for class tomorrow.
  • Tucked in daughter.
  • Watched American Idol with wife.
  • Drank some tea.
  • And here I am.
So, that was my day for the most part. My voice has returned somewhat but I remain both tentative and cautious as I'll need to lecture for 3 hours tomorrow night in a difficult room to lecture, so I'll do my best to protect my voice until then. Meanwhile, I still want to be a bit cautious because I do not want to deal with the flu.
Off to bed with a smile. Ta!

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