Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Please Pass Me a Lozenge and Other Assorted Tales

So another day of laryngitis which made for a difficult morning as my day at work involved participating in a breakfast chat with the President of the College and then a meeting with the CIO and our regular Tuesday department meeting - all of these events suffice it to say, require me to communicate, typically with my voice. I made it through, but not without some wear and tear so with all that said, I've already announced that tomorrow I will be taking a sick day with hopes of spending a good amount of time bundled beneath the covers resting my way to recovery.

I wanted to thank my pal Jane for her feedback yesterday.

I don't recall if I've mentioned this before but it's worth mentioning again - microfibre is a miracle material. Right now it only surfaces my dining room table in the forn of a table cloth but I can assure you when new living room furniture is purchased - we are talking big time microfibre.

I'm jealous that my next door neighbor just re-sided their house. I want so badly to do mine but the cash just isn't there right now. Besides, I really need to get this darn leaky skylight taken care of (the contractor seems to have vaporized) and then move forward re-doing the master bath. Yes, the master bath is disgusting and needs to take priority over all other projects.

I'm happy that Jessica has been posting again. Now if Michael and Jill would get their acts together...I need to be entertained!


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