Friday, January 26, 2007

Throat Coat

I have a nasty sore throat, a bit of a cold, and a touch of good old fashioned depression all on top of the -2 degrees at the start of my day as I was forced to come from under the comfy covers.

I have not been a bucket of cheer the last few days but I did have a bright moment when I had a chance to reconnect with the most beautiful gal in my high school class, Annmarie. It was alot of fun to chit chat for a while and kind of catch up on the last 25 years.

Sally Field looks very good for a 60 year old woman.

I've written a reflection for the lenten devotional guide and now I need to rework it for a different set of readings - aye aye aye.

I am watching 1 vs. 100 as I type this. The dumb dumb didn't know that Ratatouille was a vegetable dish and not a meat dish.

I need to stop talking, my throat is sore!

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