Friday, February 02, 2007

India Insanity

Got another wackey email from my pal Jerry whose living it up (going completely insane) in India. Coincidentally, I spent some time chatting online with a Dell tech support rep. named Tewisha. Here's the transcript (which frighteningly landed in my mailbox the instant I hit the end chat button):

Agent (RTS Tewisha C): "Thank you for patiently waiting. You have reached Dell Hardware Warranty Chat Support. My name is Tewisha and I will be assisting you today. Would you please provide details about the issue you’re having?"

ME: "I've installed Windows Vista and the driver for DVD ROM won't work - "HL-DT-ST GDR8084N" I've tried all of the firmware updates on the website but none are for this specific drive"

Agent (RTS Tewisha C): "Chris have you chatted with Dell about DVD driver?" What kind of stupid question is this? Just seconds before Tewisha was certain to remind me that I had reached Dell Tech Support and here she is asking me if I've chatted with Dell - perhaps she's on the verge of Alzheimers.

ME: "That's what I'm doing right now."

Agent (RTS Tewisha C): "To ensure we are working with the correct system, are you chatting about the optigx620 listed on your account?"

ME: "Yes, optigx620 is correct."

Agent (RTS Tewisha C): "I will be more than happy to get your issue resolve today! Give me 3-5 minutes while I document the issue and check to see if there is a driver available." There was a brief, very brief, moment where I held out hope - fool that I am.

Me: "thanks"

Agent (RTS Tewisha C): "You are welcome."

10 minutes later...
Agent (RTS Tewisha C): "Thank you for holding. I apologize for the delay. System is currently updating." Now we aren't getting somewhere!

ME: "No problem"

Agent (RTS Tewisha C): "Chris what you will have to do is contact is Microsoft." Great, so I should call Microsoft about a problem I am having with a piece of hardware in my Dell computer, one of 200 recently purchased Dells...Hmmm.

ME: "So you do not have a driver?"

Agent (RTS Tewisha C): "I don't see a driver for the DVD drive on" Odd to me that Tech support only has the same resources as I did - I did mention earlier in this conversation that I exhausted the possibility of Dell's website.

ME: "have a nice day."

I guess I know who I won't be purchasing a computer from.


Egan said...

Buy A Mac!

Chris said...

You Mac folks are loyal, I'll give ya that!

I've been around computers for 30 years and if I've learned anything, its that they all fail at something, sometime.

I've actually seen some of the brand new MAC notebooks and they are sweet - but I'm a PC guy to stay.