Monday, February 26, 2007

Reason to Hate Home Ownership

We had an exceptionally mild winter here in New England this year. In fact, the temperature was in the 60's at Christmas time. So, jackass that I am took all this for granted and neglected to tune-up my snow thrower.

Move forward in time to Valentine's day and we get dumped with several inches of snow only to be topped off later with a few more inches of ice. Once again, the jackass in me decides to do absolutely nothing (and quite frankly my only option was to call a plow service) and my driveway becomes hundred foot long ice skating rink.

Days pass and the unseasonably, but very welcome, warmth (temperatures in the 40's) returns allowing for a very slow, yet somewhat steady melt to begin. Then, last night another couple of inches of snow fall to top off the crusty, slippery, murky, and somewhat dangerous driveway leaving me with a terrible feeling of helplessness as now all I can do is hope for some warmth and perhaps some rain to help with the melt. I can't begin to tell you how treacherous it was carrying the recyclables to the curb making four trips and knowing that tomorrow morning I have to make four more trips to carry the trash. Yuck!!!

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