Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Search is Over

The search is over, you were with me all the while.

After more than 2 years, more than 50 meetings, thousands of miles traveled, over 100 resumes and profiles, over 1000 pages of text, thousands of emails, an emormous amount of prayer, and a little (or perhaps alot of) divine intervention - our search committee has made a recommendation to the vestry, the vestry made the call, and the priest has accepted the call. It's official, the Reverend Julie Carson is the new rector of our church.

A couple of weeks ago I made mention in a post about secret good news I had - this was, or rather is, it. While it may not shake the foundations of the blogging community, it represents the culmination of a project that consumed more than two years of my life. I am elated!


Egan said...

Now you need to get Julie started on a blog. Congrats on finally wrapping up your two year long search. I hope she's all the church wanted and more. Have a good week Chris.

Chris said...

Thanks dude...I think Julie's goona be great. She's very young at 33 but ahs lived an extraordiarily experiential life growing up as the daughter of two parents with CP and really having been raised up by her church. She said that she felt the call to be a priest as early as 13 years of age!

Egan said...

That's pretty young to feel the calling. Good for her and even better for your church. Now get her name updated on the church website stat.

sprizee said...

Very cool. Congrads!