Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Funny Amazon Review

My friend Nancy pointed this reivew of a portable DVD player out to me; it's hilarious...Click here for the listing on Amazon...

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Some people are idiots, this is a great player!, September 26, 2006
Reviewer: Mark Eaker "Megaeak" (Denver, CO, USA)

I can't speak to those who have had technical issues because mine has functioned flawlessly. That being said, I've had to replace two ipods but they are still the best out there, same goes for the PET1002. So, who gives two rat craps about the manual?? It is fairly user frindly and I was up and running right out of the box in minutes. If you need a manual to use this thing Im betting on two things, 1) You still use a VCR, and 2) the clock on it blinks 12:00. You also probably need the directions that come on shampoo and pop-tarts. If you are savvy enough, internet wise, to write an online review you should have realized you can get a pdf of the manual on the philips website and read and zoom till your hearts content. Scanning and enlarging?? There is so much wrong with that I don't know where to start. As for the player itself, yes the motor is a bit noisy, but no more so than most portables I've used, so just dont fire it up in church or in the babies crib. The speakers are small, tinny, and not very loud. If you want this thing to weigh 20lbs and come with a subwoofer, you are an idiot. Thats why there are HEADPHONE JACKS, which are plenty loud enough for all but artillery veterans. If you and your four kids can't hear the speakers WHILE ON A PLANE its because the other passengers have stuffed you in an overhead bin for being so inconsiderate. Thats like bringing a boombox on a bus, people will hate you at best and possibly punch you in the face. Also, do you complain that your car doesn't come with a blender, NO! So, don't buy a portable DVD for the whole family to watch, its not a frickin home theatre. You wouldn't buy a portable cd player for the whole family to listen too, or maybe you would, some people are a bit stupid. The screen is beautiful, very crisp, no dead pixels or screen door effect. Great contrast with plenty of adjustment range. The black levels can be a bit washed out but thats typical of all LCD screens, but this one pulls off dark sceens nicely. If you are shopping for the kids buy a cheapo, heck buy three for the price of this one, because kids couldn't care less about video/audio quality. Buying the PET1002 for children is like buying Barney on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. I have achived over 5hrs of playback before getting the battery warning light. By far the best i've found and amazing for a player with a screen of this size! Also this will play most video files you have on your computer. Load all those naughty mpgs from you compter onto a CD-R and this guy will play them! I haven't tried playing shows burned from itunes yet. If you want the-absolute-best video quality available, lots of flexability, and are gadget wise enough to run a toaster without needing a g.d. manual, get one of these, awesome product!

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