Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goodbye Susan and Terry

About two and a half years ago, the Rev. Susan Richmond came to our church in an interim capacity as our search committee was about to embark on what turned out to be quite a ride. About six months or so later, difficult events in Susan's personal life created the need and opportunity for a friend of hers, the Rev. Terry McCall to come on board as co-interim and thus was born a unique "team-ministry".

Nobody, especially Susan and Terry, knew how things would work but as we said goodbye to them today as they wrapped up their ministry, our hearts were heavy, our eyes were filled with tears, and we all realized just how important they were to us and how much we love them.

Susan and Terry, career interim priests now will get some well deserved rest and them patiently awaith their next interim call as we at St. Andrew's begin a new chapter in our lives as the Rev. Julie Carson begins her tenure as our rector.

For me personally, Susan and Terry will always remain a strong part of my life. I love you both very much and will always be grateful for your friendship, spiritual direction, and love.

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