Thursday, March 08, 2007

License & Registration Please

I got pulled over tonight while driving home from my teaching job. I hate when that happens because aside from being somewhat embarassing, I get super nervous. The officer asked me while I was gathering my license and registration if I was cold or nervous and if there was something I wasn't telling him...that scared the crap out of me. I was nervous, because I don't like getting pulled over. I was cold, it was 11 degrees outside. I wasn't hiding anything, I wasn't drunk, I just left work and was going home and I honestly had no clue why I was pulled over at that point.

After I explained to the officer that indeed I was nervous, but only because I don't like to be pulled over, he had explained that I had nothing to worry about and that if my record was clean, I would only be given a warning. I provided my license and registration, thanked him, and waited patiently. When he returned, he explained that I had blown a stop sign. Odd, I drive past that stop sign at least once, often twice or more per day.

Very odd. Indeed, very odd.

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