Friday, March 02, 2007

March Madness?

It constantly baffles me as to how fast time goes by. March 2nd already and I don't feel as if I've accomplished anything really significant as roughly 1/6th of the year has already passed on.

I had spent the better part of two weeks trying to contact a contractor to get me an estimate to remodel the master bath, which in a word is disgusting. After at least half a dozen phone calls, my last one basically was teling him that if he wasn't interested in the job, to just let me know so that I could move on. The reason I was so persistent and forgiving in the first place was because he has done work in my house before and I like his work and trust him. After discussing the dilemma with colleagues who have more experience than I as homeowners, they seem to agree that this odd behavior is common amongst contractors.

I has another guy in back in January to quote me on replacing an old, leaky skylight. The day I agreed to his price, near the end of January, was the last I heard from him - until today. After getting the other guy to finally come measure out the bathroom,I realy wanted to get the skylight done first so I called the skylight guy yesterday and sure enough, he returned my call and we got that set up for this Monday, weather permitting.

Here's a pet peeve, I hate when someone claims to offer more than 100%. For example, the phrase "I'll give 110% to make this work." I hate that - it makes no sense and in fact is mathematically impossible. Truth be told, if everyone who ever claimed to give 110% actually gave as much as 10%, we'd all be better off.

Today is my sister's bithday...happy 41st Rose.


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