Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Paws without Claws and a Bullet Point or Two

I know that some might be unhappy about this decision, but I am going to have my cat declawed; it's the only way I can allow him to remain a member of this household. Now before anyone starts up with all the babble, I actualy did real research. Yes, I know there is a reason that cats are born with claws and I am fully aware of what is involved in the declawing procedure. However,let's put it all in perspective - I rescued the cute little fucker from a shelter because he was abandoned and now, he has a great fucking life. Unfortutnately, his bad habits, not his natural tendencies and yes, I am qualified to know the difference because I said so mean he is going to continue to have a great life, it's just going to have to be without claws.

Rest in Piece to comic Richard Jeni. It's very sad and I won't comment other that I am very sorry that it came to that.

What the fuck is the deal with contractors?

I was going to be working on a Habitat for Humanity project next Wednesday, but it appears I may have to bail out on principle. I'll have to do it again on my own because apparently some don't understand what outreach really is all about.

It may hit 70 degres in Boston tomorrow. WOW! We planted tulip bulbs before the first freeze for the first time and I am looking forward to seem them bloom.

Super congrats to E and N on the pending birth of their baby daughter.

Rest in Peace Joe F. Say hi to my mom and dad for me.

Later for now.


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