Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You Know it's Cold When...

..the temperature doubles and it's still less than 5 degrees outside!

I don't like it much, but I accept it, especially since this is New England and it's normal and especialy since this has been a very, very mild winter season.

The IT offices on the Main campus have a short stairway leading down into the main area. As such, they have a wheelchair lift so as to be ADA compliant. What was baffling was the particulars of the wheelchair lift installation that were far too stupid to be reasonable and frightening to be intentional. About 10-12 inches from the lift, which resides in an upward-folded position at the base of the stairs, there is a control box with instructions posted just above it; then a few feet above the control box is a service light and above that sign that reads "Lift in Use when Light is Flashing." The lift is a foot away, is this really necessary? And the kicker for me is the first instruction, "First check if the lift is currently in use." Again, if it's currently in use, and it's one foot away, is that instruction really necessary?

How's are you?

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