Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ailing for Easter/Bathroom Remodeling Issues

I've been running a fever on and off all day and I've got a horrible cough. It sucks big time!

I've got a second quote on my bathroom remodel and was please that it was close to three thousand dollars less than the first quote I received. I spoke to three references that were provided and all had glowing reviews and ready to get things going with contractor number 2, I sent a lengthy list of questions about some of the things I would need to purchase.

When reading his responses, there was one thing that caught my attention. Evidently, there was a miscommunication about how much of the bathroom would be tiled and after reading his response, and mostly that it will now cost an additional $2,000, I am feeling depressed on top of my feeling sick.

I actually hate that I am remodeling this bathroom now in the first place as it wasn't anywhere near next on the list of projects. In fact, here is the last version of the list:

Wood trim/doors/stairs
Living room furniture
Window treatments/Downstairs
Deck/Patio Door/Back Yard
Vinyl siding/gutter/garage doors
Family room furniture
Master bedroom furniture/mattress
Victoria's room furniture
Guest room furniture
Driveway reseal
Master bath
Main bath
Basement ceiling
Finish garage
In fact, the master bath was 12th on the list, costs about 75% more than I originally expected, and costs more than the first 3 things and part of the 4th thing on the list. FUCK!
Gone for now...Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate.

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