Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Have I Mentioned...

Have I mentioned that I am on "vacation" this week? Turns out I have too much vacation time, so I had to use some or it goes away. One of the crappy elements of our union contract is that at the last pay period in April and October, all vacation time in excess of 480 hours is withdrawn from vacation time and added to sick time. You see, at retirement, vacation time is paid out at 100% of its value while sick time is only paid out at 20% of its value. The problem for those of us 20-30 years from retiring are now put in a position where we are in essence discouraged from coming to work.

Do you think there is an official statistic for how often the batteries you have in your drawer are different from the ones you need right when you go to the drawer to retrieve them?

Productive day in terms of getting ready for the bathroom remodel, I special ordered a toilet from home depot, then I purchased a fan/light (also from home depot), I also purchased a water mixing valve for the shower (again, Home Depot), and finally searched for and found the tile. A productive day.

In the previous paragraph, replace all instances of Home Depot with The Home Depot.



brookem said...

oh how i'd KILL to have just *extra* vaca time floating around. LUCKY.


Chris said...

I get that a lot.