Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Medicine Man (or is that, Medicine Person)

My sickly ways persisted to the point where I sought medical advice yesterday. Of course since I wanted to see the doctor on such short notice, I couldn't, but I did get to see a Nurse Practitioner. I hope Dr. Chau was away or off - I didn't see him there so that at least makes me feel better about not seeing him.

Anyway, after a series of questions and a touch of probing, I was diagnosed with a probable sinus infection and perhaps a touch of bronchitis. Following the diagnosis I was given a prescription, or rather a prescription for an antibiotic was electronically transmitted via PDA to the pharmacy of my choice. After the prescription was sent, I was ordered to drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest because this could also be viral, in which case the antibiotics won't cure it.

Of course what the NP failed to state and what most people ignore is that taking antibiotics unnecessarily is not a good thing. You see, over time, the body can build an immunity to the effects of the antibiotics ultimately rendering them useless as the mighty fighters of bacterial infections they are.

However, the insurers who hold tight strings on the medical community feel it is too expensive and time consuming to take an x-ray or do a blood test or some other test to be certain. SAD!

As for me, 1 day into the 10 day there is a positive effect, so perhaps the gamble was worth it - in my case. Hillary! Help!

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