Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Stuff and a Laugh

Horrible weather on this Patriot's Day holiday in Massachusetts but not horrible enough to keep the 111th running of the Boston Marathon from happening; what dedication.

With the exception of my leaky skylight, which I hope to have replaced withing two weeks, the storm has had no major negative effects on my property.

I hope you've all remembered to do your taxes - today is the deadline (except for MA state returns which is tommorow due to the Patriot's Day holiday).

Check out this killer work from the always funny Will Ferrell:


brookem said...

hey there- found you through egan. im from mass as well.
here's to hoping this rain stops soon!

Chris said...

brookem- thanks for stopping by! The rains have ben dreary - I so long for some decent weather, plus my roofing contractor can't put in a new skylight that doesn't leek until it does; how's that for a conundrum?

I'llcheck out your blog sometime soon.

egan said...

That's damn funny stuff man. Oh hey, Brooke found you from me. Coolio.

I want to hear all about your remodel.

sprizee said...

Oh my. I'm dying. So funny.

Chris said...

Egan- I suspect Ill be documenting the remodel...if not, you'll hear all about it.

Hi Sprizee!

I'm so excited at all the visitors today!