Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rustic Pizza, Bathroom Stuff, and more

I decided not to cook tonight so I headed on over to the local Papa Gino's and ordered up a Rustic Pizza with sausage; it was quite delicious.

The power of negotiation: remember that I was quoted $1500 on a particular vanity, which I could not afford? After some research and brilliant negotiating with the same guy who quoted $1500, I purchased from him the "$1500 vanity" along with a granite counter top and back splash with a built-in sink and the overpriced Hansgrohe faucet ALL for $1536. I consider it a good deal. The contractor came to take some additional measurements so that I can now purchase the tile.

My cat is spending an overnight at the vet after laser declaw surgery. It had to be done. I called around 2 and they said, "Oliver is doing fine, he's just starting to stand for us now." It got me wondering if an animal's experience waking from anesthesia is similar to that of a human.

There are a couple of new blogs listed on my "Blogs I frequent" list...both are terrific, check them out!

Peace, Love, and Liverwurst.


egan said...

Okay, I'll be sure to check out the new blogs.

They poured the self-levelling pavement in our bathroom yesterday and tiled the shower. I would think by this time next week I will be able to take a shower in the new bathroom. I think you got a pretty good deal from the contractor.

Ouch, no more claws. I will be removing your fingernails later today Chris.

Chris said...

Egan-I know that you've been to at least one of the new blogs...
I'm glad to hear your remodel is moving along.
The decision to declaw my cat did not come easy. I've had many casts over the years and have never made that choice nor did I ever think I would. However, Oliver, our cat, had some very bad clawing habits that were destructive. I have exhausted many methods, none of which worked. It pained me to make the choice but the only alternative was to put him back up for adoption and I am way too attached to the little guy.
I did some research,real and exhaustive research and chose to use a newer procedure where a laser is used to do the declaw. I can only hope that I made a good choice that goes beyond my selfishness to not want to give him up.

Jessica said...