Monday, April 23, 2007


The next major hurdle in the bathroom remodel project is to select a vanity. Ignorant I thought the vanity was the entire sink item. Turns out, the entire sink item is actually comprised of 4 components: the vanity, the vanity top, the sink, and the faucet. Crap!

The contractor made a point that when considering a vanity, one should "spend as much as you can afford" as this is a piece of furniture that gets used and sacrificing quality based on price would be a mistake - he said to stay away from Home Depot or Lowe's as they tend to carry lesser quality product.

So the first place the contractor recommended was my Saturday morning visit. Their selection of vanities (one fourth of the entire sink item) ranged in price from $1800 to around $15,000. Holy fucking crap! I was outta there....

The second place had two vanities that were nice. The first one I asked a price on was $1500 (what's the deal here?) Pleasantly, the second one which I liked first (because it was closer to the front of the store and I saw it first) was heralded by the sales manager as "the best bargain in the entire showroom" "in fact, I have this very vanity in my own wash room at home." The price, only $400. When I questioned the exorbitant difference in price, the answer was simple and logical, the expensive one was made in the USA, the less expensive one was made in China. However, the less expensive vanity is still made of solid wood and quality construction, "or they wouldn't carry it." Without committing as of yet, I think I'm all in on the less expensive one but we'll see for sure in the next day or two.

The next conversation was the vanity top. It was happily a short one as I knew I wanted granite and he offered a good deal on a solid granite top which had the back splash and sink included for $333 but it was only available at that price in two colors. Fortunately,both were acceptable...done deal.

Finally, the faucet - let me just say this. Unless you've recently shopped for one, you can't even begin to imagine how crazy expensive three pieces of metal can be. Just so that you are clear on what comprises the faucet, I am referring to the Hot lever, the cold lever, and the spigot that the water comes out of; that's it. There were two that caught my eye and when I asked the price, I had to leave the store because they were closing and I was in too much shock to continue at that moment.

The first faucet, manufactured by "Hansgrohe" costs $486. The second faucet, manufactured by "Mico", $790. Now as expensive as these are, after nosing around the internet, I've seen faucets range in price from around $150 on the low end to nearly $2,000! I really like the Hansgrohe and aftersome research, I found that Home Depot offers it online for $326. Way more than I ever thought I'd pay for a faucet, but I think it's what I am going with.

So, that's my story. I am set to go see the guy to finalize the deal on the vanity and top at which point I'll ask him if he will match Home Depot on the faucet - if not, I buy that from Home Depot.

That's where I am at.


egan said...

You have expensive taste young man. The Hansgrohe's are hella spendy. How about a Kohler or something else? It's amazing how it can all add up. Our bathroom remodel is about a week away from completion.

Chris said...

Dude, you are right about pricey on the Hansgrohe - although Kohler makes a fre pricey ones too. In fact, the one I saw that was nearly 2 grand is a Kohler.

If I can negotiate the Hansgrohe for the $340ish, I can at least deal with spending an extgra $100-$150 considering its pretty much a one time puchase.

Jessica said...

Spend as much as you can afford.

I love that.

egan said...

Yes, spend as much as you can afford. Those are sound words. Finance the rest... or so I've been told by my credit card company.

Chris said...

If I spent as much as I can afford on everything I'd have nothing!

Happily, I've spent a very long time "saving up" (because I'm so darned old fashioned) and as a result ahve accumulated no debt as a result of this bathroom remodel.

I are proud of this.

egan said...

Yes, but I think the point here is don't go cheap. Buy the most you can afford so can reap the benefits if it ever comes time to sell. Nothing's worse than a cheap remodel.