Friday, April 27, 2007

Six Hundred

This post is the 600th in the life of this crazy little blog o'mine. I continue to love this village of bloggerville though many wonderful people have seemingly abandoned their blogs while I've taken to some new ones over time.

It never ceases to amaze me just how unique blogs can be. There are those who put it all out there and those who remain a complete mystery. Of course, there's a whole lot of those blogs that run somewhere between those two extremes.

My dear friend Jill has pretty much abandoned her blog around Thanksgiving but she is completely responsible for turning me on to this wonderful form of expression.

Egan and Sprizee's blogs are two that I've read since for all of this time. Both are wonderful - in fact, I met Egan through Sprizee's blog in what I originally thought was a really peculiar interaction but as I got to know Egan better, it was just Egan being Egan. I had the great privilege this past October to meet The Lessinges's when they came to Boston for a wedding and they are just two really terrific people. Egan's blog is my all-time favorite place to hang out here in Bloggerville.

I've seen love work it's magic all the way across the Atlantic ocean. Michael, living and blogging from England and Jenn, living and blogging from California, USA got together and are now married and living together in California. Michael is an utterly brilliant writer but hasn't spent alot of time blogging over the past year. I miss both of them. I also miss one of the greatest commenter's in the one and only Jammie. Also, I wonder whatever happened to Daisy?

Jessica and Brookem have recently captured my attention with wonderful blogs that I have gotten hooked on. There are still so many great ones out there. I check the blogs on the "blogs I frequent" list to the right each day and while some post less frequently than once before and some are new, and Egan is as prolific as they come - all are a wonderful part of my day.

I Love You all!


brookem said...

why thank you for the mention!! :)
happy weekend.

Chris said...

You're welcome, I really do enjoy reading your blog.
Happy Weekend to you as well.