Monday, May 07, 2007

The Aches & Pains of Victory

I completed the 20 mile Walk for Hunger yesterday in my best time of the four years I've done the walk (4 hrs. 48 mins.). It was my personal goal to complete it in under five hours, so I am hapy about that. I am pretty convinced that it's close to impossible to complete it in much less without an occasional jog, modest run, or a short sprint here and there (unless of course you have 60 inch legs). The best news of all is that I raised $755.00 for Project Bread - that makes me happy.

I made the very big mistake of entering this walk extremely unprepared. Last year, at the finish and even the evening and day after, I felt pretty good. Today, my ankles feel like broken springs, I had shin splints earlier on, I ache from the waist down- but I wouldn't trade any of it.

My cat Oliver is getting back to his spry self after recovering from his laser declaw surgery. He's completed all of his medication and has only another day or two he can use his "normal" kittly litter (he hates, yet tolerates the stuff he's using now).

I'm out for now.


Joy said...

Oliver looks very much like my blonde cat Brigit. She's been an only cat for a year now since Columbo died. How many do you have now?

brookem said...

congrats on completing the walk and doing so well! hope the recovery time is quick.

your cat is adorable. im jealous.

get ready for the final 4 tonight!

egan said...

Wow dude, that's a good clip for 20 miles of walking. They say the average human walks 3-5 miles/hour so you did great.

Chris said...

Joy - This is just a one cat household. Odd, the shelter that we got him from names all the cats after ther mother, then adds a nuber. So, when we got Oliver, he was referred to as Robin #6...when he pisses me of I will occasionaly shout that out (like a dork).

Brookem - Thanks. Today the pain in mostly in the ankles. Final 4!!!

Eganks - Knowing what it takes to walk 20 miles just makes me so much more amazed at your Triathlete accomplishments.