Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Contractor with a Work Ethic

The bathroom contractor started work today and I was amazed when I got home how much had been accomplished. The contractor who did my hardwood floors a couple of years ago is a real nice guy who I like, but he's super lazy; he actually called out sick a few times while he was doing the job.

When I left the house this morning after meeting with he contractor it was about 9ish. By 4pm he was gone and all that is left in my bathroom are the mere studs. He even thoroughly cleaned up all of the dust and remains. WOW!

I took before shots this morning and will shoot post day 1 shots before day 2 begins and overcoming laziness, will post them here.

What an impressive thought, a contractor with a work ethic. Here's to it's continuance throuhout the job.

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egan said...

Awesome, this sounds like the same guy who did our work. They did a great job and made tons of progress the first day, taking it down to the studs. I want to see the pictures man. We're so happy with how ours turned out. I got to paint it now.