Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dramatic Blog Post Title Not Included

It was just a few weeks ago I stumbled across a new blog called "My Self Portrait" written by a woman names Jessica. Jessica is a very talented writer who cut no corners, told it her way. While arguably risque or adult oriented, it was brutally honest, very real, and so very well written. Jessica, I don't know if you're still out there reading - if you are, I hope that you are well. I hope you find your way back to bloggerville sometime but even if you don't, be happy and may life bring you all that you wish for.

I recently got hooked on a band called Fountains of Wayne. I saw part of a concert they did on an HD channel I have called RAVE. I was instantly hooked on their pop sound and immediately bought 4 of their CD's.

I've taken delivery of the tiles for the bathroom remodel and purchased a light fixture over the weekend. All that remains to be purchased is "accessories" such as towel bar(s), toilet paper holder, etc. Also, once the room is gutted, I may consider upping the insulation factor. It's just so ridiculous what this project is costing for such a small room - very scary!

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