Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fo Shizzle

I don't know why I like that whole snoop dogg talk -it makes no sense at all to me but it sounds cool, especially when it's snoop dogg himself speaking it.

This coming Sunday I'll be participating in the Walk for Hunger. This year will be the 4th time I've done the walk in the last 5 years; 20 miles through the beautiful city of Boston and through some of the western suburbs. If you've got some spare cash that you've been looking to donate to a good cause, click the picture to the right.

As I type this, the American Idol contestants that remain are about to take on the music of Bon Jovi. This reminds me of a parody I started to write back in the 80's for the song "You Give Love a Bad Name." The parody was by the band An-chovy and the song - You Give Pizza, a Bad Taste. I wish I could remember any of the few lyrics I wrote at the time, but hey, we're talking 20 freaking years.

I have a major jones right now for some BNL, If I had a Million Dollars.

Has anyone seen the newer Ben & Jerry's flavor "Steven Colbert's Americone Dream" in the stores yet? I need me some!


Jessica said...

Snoop is totally the shiznet.

Chris said...

Jessica _ I'm dizzown with that!

brookem said...

good luck this weekend! the weather is supposed to be fab. and i once met bnl. i think chris and lakisha are out.

Chris said...

Thanks Brookem! I'm watching right now, Phil is out already and...
Chris just got his pink slip.