Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend? So What!

Thursday was a very long day. I was over at the Wellesley Hills campus by 7:30 going through emails, drinking my medium Dunkin Decaf with cream, and helping some students until the start of the faculty meeting. There was a continental breakfast served at 8:30 before the faculty meeting killed off an hour and a half plus.

After the faculty meeting, "Professional Day" began with a central theme around safety and security (in the wake of the Va. Tech. shooting). My boss, my colleague, and I gave a brief presentation on some IT stuff and the day was done - at work.

Thursday evening, (after dinner, which I prepared )we were scheduled to go the house of some friends from church who were hosting one of many get-togethers so that the parishioner's and the new priest can have some more intimate time together to get to know each other. It was a very nice evening but I was exhausted by the time we left (just before 9).

Friday was a usual work day for me- though it was a bit lighter than most.

Saturday I took Victoria for a haircut. She had decided that she was going short (shoulder length, down from butt length) and that she wanted to donate the cut hair to "Locks of Love". So, the haircut was done and I spent part of the rest of the day unsuccessfully attempting to remove the broken burners from my grill so that I can replace them. The darn screws are rusted in and I stripped a couple of them; F#@K! That evening I did some laundry and watched the tube.

I haven't yet mentioned that my wife worked 16 hours on Saturday so I didn't really see her much except for when she cam home to shower, change, and eat dinner.

Today I was up early for church. I left early so that I'd have time to grab a newspaper and also, it's my turn to serve "coffee hour". Coffee hour, fellowship, in this weather is actually lemonade and something sweet served in the memorial room at the doors that open up into the courtyard. Of course, when I got there early to make the lemonade, there was nothing to make lemonade with! So I scooted to the store and several Mr. Bean moments later decided to return with pre-made lemonade which I stored in the refrigerator until after service.

After church and fellowship, I headed home where Victoria was set to have a play date with a friend from school. What a joy that was! Oh, Lucy did another double shift, 16 hour day today! I'm a bit tired now and still have a few things I really need to get done like some bookkeeping and the sort. I actually forgot for a short time that tomorrow is a holiday.

To make a long story just a wee bit longer, Memorial day weekend was no big deal for me.


Joy said...

You and Lucy need the day off tomorrow to rest!

Chris said...

Joy- You are right! Actually Lucy is dong a 7-3 shift, doubletime - then I hope she gets some rest as her allergies have been horrible the past few days.