Friday, May 11, 2007

Post Suck

I've sucked at posting these past two weeks. I have and make no excuses for this either. I could easily say I'm too if you're not - I just can't be that insulting to you, my dear reader.

This coming Wednesday, I'll be getting injected with a radioactive substance, getting scanned, running on a treadmill, then getting scanned again. It's called a Thalium Stress Test and will determine if there are any cardiac issues that I need to be concerned with. My recent stint in the hospital led to a series of cardiac tests, this will conclude the tests if it confirms that my ticker is functioning properly. Of course I suspect it will be the first in a long line if something bad shows up but I'd rather not consider that option.

I ate dinner at Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse tonight - it's way overpriced.

I am still loving my new exploration of the music of Fountains of Wayne.

A radio personality referred to the recently voted of Lakisha from American Idol as "Shrek looking" - that's some funny stuff right there.

Happy Mother's day!

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