Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reality Closers

Dancing with the Stars - Great competition last night. Great performances. I want Apolo to win (which may be the gayest thing I've said on this blog to date). Joey is talented, but he has professional dance/choreography experience. Taking the learning curve into account, Apolo is the most improved and better of the two. Leila did very well but she's not at the same level as either Apolo or Joey.

The Bachelor - I don't watch this show but the wife wanted to watch the finale. I'd say it was entertaining but that would be a lie though there were many opportunities, many of which I took advantage of, to punch up the dialog with my own improvisational wit. This show really belongs on the lifetime network after the infomercial about pink lemondade colonics.

American Idol - My favorite this season, Melinda, is now gone. With Blake and Jordin left, I'm kind of split. Both are unique and very different from each other. I think what I am actually saying is that while I like alot of what both have done thus far this season, I really don't care which of the two wins because Melinda is my winner.

Enough about this. Goonight, and good luck.


egan said...

Seattle represent! Too bad the winning woman on The Bachelor isn't from Seattle.

Joy said...

I'm very happy that Apolo won, too. I really liked him in the Olympics and thought he danced so well. He and Julianne were really cute together, too.

Chris said...

Egan- Seattle was quite prominent this year in the reality TV arena - especially with Sanjaya fever!

Joy-I too thought they were cute together and danced terrifically. She is so gifted for someon so very young.