Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Responding to Joy

Joy's most recent blog post was about the current status of Dancing with the Stars, a show that I watch regularly (useful information should you choose to roast me). While I would have loved to respond there, for some reason, the response/comment mechanism was not available, so I am commenting here on my blog.

Joy, I think the level of competition at the final four was a good as anyone could ever have imagined. While Ian, which should be spelled Eye-An, admittedly had a great week of performances, he had previously been consistently stiff and week. I agree with you about his smarminess and his lack of chemistry with Cheryl (who I would imagine it to be impossible not to have chemistry with. In fact, I have chemistry with her just through the TV set LOL.)

I could see any of the three finalists winning and not being upset though my favorite pairing is Apolo and Juliane - who really has done some extraordinary choreography, especially for a 17 year old.

I think that Leila is a winner wither way because I have only known her as a rough and rugged boxer. through this show I got to see her feminine and human sides, both of which are wonderful.

Taker care Joy - see ya at the finals.


Joy said...

I wonder what was wrong with my comment thing? Maybe that's why I don't get comments and will choose to believe it anyway. :-)

My favorites are Apolo and Julianne, too, but I have voted for Laila and Maksim because I wanted them in the finals. I don't know what I'll do next week.

You are so right about Cheryl! Isn't she great? I had misgivings about Julianne's choreography since she's so young, but wow! I just love them together.

See you at the finals! Thanks for commenting here on your blog.

Chris said...

Anytime my friend! I'm currently mourning the American Idol results; Melinda Doolittle was voted out - she was my favorite. I do think both Blake and Jordin are talented and I am certain all three will get recording contracts.

sprizee said...

I love Dancing with the Stars too! Shh, don't tell anyone.

Joy said...

Even though I'm not watching AI this season, I still watch the Bravo competitions. Project Runway is my favorite but I also watch the others: Top Chef, Top Design, and now Shear Genius. I like it that the judges on those shows choose the winners and loser on that same episode since these are based on a skill the judges are experts in. Because popularity has a lot to do with the performers on AI and recording contracts, the public should have input for sure. Maybe the judges votes should count half the way they do on DWTS and when they picked the actors for Grease.

Chris said...

One of the problems I have with AI is that I think that the votes should be cumulative, so that one bad wek or a genre that doesn't suit a particular singer doesn't necessarily eliminate them.

Joy said...

That's a good idea about the cumulative points. Do you think they should have points from the judges included in that, too?

Chris said...

I'm torn on the role of the judges. At least with Idol, the show has always been about the fans voting the winner - to keep that real, then the judges should not participate any more than they already do.