Sunday, May 20, 2007

Throwbacks at Natick High

I need to start by saying I like the town of Natick, at least what I know of it. I know several good people from there...this post is not a diss...and I'll repeat myself on this but...

Sounds kind of like a cheesy, D-list, horror film, eh? Actually, it's not too far off as I spent my afternoon is a surrealistic crowd filled with woman whose 80's hairstyles were a throwback to a grittier and downright uglier time as far as hairstyles go.

I found myself in the town of Natick to attend my daughter's dance recital which was held at the high school. Most of the students at that dance school, also in Natick, are also residents of the town and as such, the mothers of those students are "townies". Now I know a number of people from Natick and my purpose here is not to generalize, only to report one very specific observation; that is, a large group of the mothers had exorbitantly huge hair. In fact, the woman sitting in front of me not only had big hair, but an enormous head to carry it with.

The whole recital thing makes zero sense to me. It pissed me off that I had to spend $15 for a ticket to see my kid dance after spending $500+ to the dancing school for her classes and the costume. I must confess there were some entertaining moments, mostly the really small kids looking super cute.

So Natickians, whassup with the hair? Is this a norm for your town or just a one shot deal or just a small click of throwbacks? Lemme know!

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