Wednesday, June 13, 2007


How many of you out there know what 143 means? I learned today which brought on deep feelings of shame and inadequacy considering my deep rooted links to the field of technology and my feeble yet persistent attempts to remain aware of the current state of pop culture.

Back in undergrad in the early eighties I was an avid reader of Games magazine and thrived on the odd little brain teasers and puzzles and figuring out many of them. Yet none of that was adequate enough training for me to decipher to code of the modern era; text messaging.

I refuse to "text" someone. In fact, I've pretty much put IM'ing on the shelf after years of abuse and in fact, have blocked texting from my cell phone so that I can send or receive them. Apparently there is an entire sub-culture creating a new language out of necessity and I have completely missed the boat and as a result, am drowning in inadequacy.

Actually, I'm not all that cut up. I hate the idea of texting. I'm over it. Later….
143 all my dear reader(s).


egan said...


Yeah, I'm so hip.

Chris said...

Smarty Pants!

Joy said...

How is 143 "I love you"?

Chris said...

Joy - the numbers 1, 4, and 3 correspond to the number of letters in each of the words (I Love You)