Saturday, June 30, 2007

Davis Farmland and more Jib Jab Genius

Today we hung out at Davis' Farmland located deep in the stix of Sterling, Massachusetts. It's a pretty neat family oriented place with lots of animals to pet and feed as well as a little water park that kids seem to love so much.

My damn Yankees are really pathetic this season.

I really need for one of these home improvement shows to help out with some of my projects on the waiting list. I haven't updated you on the bathroom remodel of late so here's the scoop...The contractor is having some nasty back problems, so bad that he has little control of his left leg. So while he has been working, he's been working very slowly and with the help of his son. It's coming out great, but very slow - we are 4 full weeks in and at least 2-3 weeks from completion.

Finally, here's one of the latest videos from the geniuses at Jib Jab, it really is quite amazing:

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