Monday, June 18, 2007

My So Called Broken Heart – Part 2

May 30th, 2007 – 3:15pm.
At first the nurse brings me in to back and takes my weight. I dropped 9 pounds in 13 days simply out of fear. Just about every food item I looked at I did so as if it was a murderer ready to take my life should I consume it; so I didn't. I stuck to yogurt, kasha, tofu, and salads with a touch of EVOO. My blood pressure, which I expect to be good these days considering I take medication for it was teetering from nervousness. The doctor then came into the examining room and listed with his stethoscope in a variety of locations about my body. It was time to go to his office and talk.
Dr. B reviewed carefully the results of the tests I had taken along with past history and a wealth of notes drawn from my case. He said that the data is somewhat conflicting because while there was an "incident", there is no real presence of symptoms indicative of a major heart problem, but both the MST and the echo do show evidence of a heart muscle not functioning as it should and the possibility of arterial clogging. Dr. B then said that the only way to be certain at this point is with "Cardiac Catheterization"; which he then proceeded to describe in detail, with props.
It didn't take long to convince me that we needed to proceed. I'd have had a heart attack not knowing for sure if there was a problem. It was bad enough that I'd have to wait until the 14th of June for the procedure, but I did schedule that date (soonest available) along with a pre-surgical visit on the 11th so they can draw blood and do an EKG etc.
I was calmer during this period because while it seemed likely that there was a problem, at this point is seemed treatable. There were moments where anxiety got the better of me, but for the most part, I was okay at least until the evening before the procedure where I was a bit scared; not so much of the procedure, but of the possibility that they could find something so bad that I'd need to be transported to the O.R. immediately.
Needless to say that the procedure went off without a hitch and while it can be a bit humiliating, I made the best of it bringing some of my wit and lighthearted humor in the room along with the doctor and four assistants (3 ladies, 1 man). Oh, I brought in Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits CD and we all listened to that during the procedure. The best part was that at the end, the doctor announced that all looked as it should and that there is no evidence of a cardiac problem. I'll leave out the details of the few hours in recovery, which were essentially uneventful (except my need to pee in one of those hospital pee containers). I do have an Angio-Seal inside of me, which is kind of interesting. All that is left is one follow-up visit, this Thursday at 3:15 and all should be fine. I do have some nasty bruising, which I think is normal but you know my paranoia. I'll keep you posted. For the time being, I am so very grateful that my heart is fine. It's now time to seriously take stock of my mental health and get my anxiety condition in order.


Joy said...

Good news and what a relief! I know this was scary, and I'm glad you got a good report.

Chris said...

Thanks Joy - I am so happy about the news. I am going to see the cardiologist on Thursday afternoon to tie things up.