Monday, June 25, 2007


I hate when that happens. When I allow life and its commitments to overwhelm me to the point where I blow up at the people I love the most.

I hate when I feel so darn blue that I just spontaneously cry and don't really know why.

I hate when life shifts the lives of people I love around and as a result I can't get to see them and laugh with them, talk with them, just hang out with them.
* * * * * * * * * *
Kathy Griffin entertains me.
The Howard Stern Show continues to be incredible.
I simply can't get enough reality television.
Please keep Sprizee's dad and Brookem's grandma in your thoughts and prayers.
I have nothing else worth saying right now...goodnight.


egan said...

Amen man! I'm sending positive vibes to Sprizee and Brookem's family.

brookem said...

chris, hang in there buddy. i hate when that happens too.
in the midst of your bad day, you still found the time to do a shout out to me and my grandma. you are so thoughtful. good karma will be coming your way, i can feel it.


Chris said...

Thanks - to both of you!