Friday, June 01, 2007

Week Out

The first three days of Project: Master Bath are in the can. Day 1 saw complete demolition, day 2 was light - the plumber came and the contractor had to wait for the town inspector, who didn't show, so he left early. Today, the electrician showed up at 6:50am and took care of his business while the plumbing inspector showed and signed off on that end giving the contractor the chance to begin building the shower. I'll get some pix up tomorrow.

I've been hanging on to some medical news related to me and I will share it soon, I am just not ready...think good thoughts.

The college's commencement took place last night and I missed it for the first time in a number of years. I was really feeling kind of crappy and the weather wasn't conducive to feeling anything but crappier given the ceremony is held in a giant, often leaky, tent out of doors. Congrats to those who graduated though.

Tired...catch ya later.

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Brooklyn Frank said...

i hung some new shower curtains this weekend. not as big as your project, yeah, but still an accomplishment of sorts!