Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Were I Still Netflixing...

I gave up on Netflix a while back mostly because they hold back shipments if you return your films too fast - fuck'em, for now at least. Also, I am so addicted to reality TV, I just don't have enough time to fit all the movies I want to see in the remaining free time.

Anyway, if I did have Netflix, here are some DVD's that would be in my queue because I haven't yet seen them and wish to for some reason:

Employee of the Month (I'm shallow)
Music and Lyrics
Man of the Year
The Illusionist
For Your Consideration
Rocky Balboa
Casino Royale (the new version)
Borat (I actually saw this in the theatre but I wanna see it again)
Norbit (not sure at all why)
Alpha Dog
Dreamgirls (thinking it will suck but hoping to be surprised)
The Hitcher (2007 version)
Night at the Museum
The Departed (Though I think Scorcese is painfully overrated as a film maker)
Marie Antionette (I love Sofia Coppolla)
Premonition (I love Sandy Bullock)
Talladega Nights (I love Will Ferrell)

I am done embarrassing myself for one post.


Amongst my recently published 100 things, I spoke of poetry that I have written. While I've shared some poems here, in fact, I've even written poems on the fly here, I thought I'd dig one up from some time back. .

I ran down to my basement and grabbed one of the pads from my pile of poetry and came one with this poem written June 10th, 1994.

A thousand words a picture's worth
A story yet untold
A moment captured whose destiny
is waiting to unfold

An image trapped inside your mind
Emotions start to rage
Control begins to slip away
Fear locks you in its cage

Thoughts of all those yesterdays
that never should have been
Confronting all your demons
To hell and back again

Slowly you begin to rise
from the darkened dreamy state
These pictures of tomorrow say
there's no more time to waste

Fear begins to fade away
Through the light of hope you see
The cage no longer has its hold
'cause you have found the key

Monday, July 30, 2007

Clouds in my Coffee 2

I did a word cloud of by blog back in February of 2006, it looked like this back then. I got to wondering what it would look like if I did one today, so I did. Here is what it looks like:

You can go here if you want to check it out.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bloggers Skrinker Over Thai Food

I'm not sure how much I can add after Brookem's wonderful account of our get together. As you can see I look totally bizarre due to my freaky, random pose which randomly occured - Brookem looks delightful.
Hanging out with Brookem was great fun. It was the second time I had the chance to meet with a blogger and both have been so terrific. Brookem is an amazing person - I did consider showing up in a fireman uniform but I opted for my favorite, jeans and a t-shirt.

I really am in awe at how a community of friends can form in a so-called virtual world. I have been around computers a very long time, nearly 30 years. When I was in high school geeking it up on the PDP-11 with a computer that served 4 workstations with only 32k of RAM and no hard drive, just dual 8" floppy drives, I'd never have imagined that all these years later, that computer could link humans, emotionally. Some of us have talked about this but it's worth mentioning again, there are genuine relationships developing here, real friendships. Heck, it was just a couple of years ago when a young man in the UK starting chatting it up in Bloggerville with a young lady in Cali, USA and now they are married. Several of us joined together to celebrate the pending birth of a fellow blogger's first child. Bloggerville is an extension of the real world with real people.
This post has really strayed from talking about meeting Brookem but I really can't put it any better than she did so I though I would dig a little deeper into this blogger thing we've all got going on. I look back at all of my friends and think about what makes them people I want to know and spend time with and care about. I think that the same processes that we use to "pick" the people we call our friends are the same processes we use to connect with people we communicate with in the virtual worlds we partake in. I really am so grateful to have you all in my life my friends. I have a grandiose wish to meet all of you at some point or other and who knows, maybe we can get that summit together.
I have no idea if I am still making sense, so I'll leave it at that. Brookem, you rock! I look forward to seeing all of you.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Podcast #2

Before I speak of this specific podcast, I have funny news. You can now find my podcasts on iTunes! That's right, go to the iTunes store and search for "from a whisper to a scream" and you'll find my podcast there and you can subscribe to it. Do I rock this joint or what?

Podcast #2 clocks in just over 7 minutes but I do go deeper on those items you requested more detail about from my 100 things list.

I'm still trying to get down the recording thing plus my microphone is el-cheapo so please forgive the occasional over modulation, especially with the letter "P".

or, listen right here:

Friday, July 27, 2007

Southern (Dis)Comfort


This story goes back a long long way back in the middle 1980's. Me, my buddy Mike, and Dave were hanging out planning to have some beers when Dave got this bright idea that we should drink Southern Comfort and Coke instead. In hindsight, Mike was the smart one in this equation because he chose to stick to beer. Anyway, we got a two liter bottle of Coca Cola and some plastic cups to go with our large bottle of Southern Comfort which we brought to a spot down by the alley way and just starting talking and drinking.

I really have no idea whatsoever what we were talking about though it’s reasonable to assume two things: one, it probably included the state of heavy metal music and two, the next day I recalled about as much of the conversation as I do right now. I can also tell you that as logic would have it, there was a natural progression of sober, catching a buzz, buzzed, drunk, right through blacked out. I remember what must have been the transition from buzzed to drunk for me just happened to be within the drunk phase for Dave because out of nowhere, he began to hurl buckets worth of chunks all over East 28th Street. While normally just the thought of someone hurling gets me nauseous, my drunken stupor in waiting had be laughing so hard and even mocking poor Dave and his chunks.

As I was laughing my ass off and kicking into drunkenness, my buddy Mike said, “you really shouldn’t be laughing since you’re gonna be next.” If only Mike was as good at predicting the outcomes of the NFL games that season he might be considerably wealthier because almost immediately after the sentence came out of his mouth, I was struck with a major case of reverse peristalsis that left a pile of spaghetti on the floor in front of me that I swore I chewed before sending it down to my stomach but the evidence before me indicated the contrarian perspective.

Needless to say by this point I was way beyond the drunken phase of the equation and incapable of standing for any length of time without falling back down; walking was out of the question. Mike told me to “stay put” which was silly when you think about it because I had no chance of getting anywhere, so I just laid back on the concrete while mike got Dave to his house. Some time later, Mike returned, hauled me into a semi-upright position, swung one of my flailing arms around his neck and proceeded to walk/carry me up the block to my house (he was my next door neighbor). A few houses away, Mike was totally exhausted after already having hauled Dave home and had to call for help, at which point he rang my doorbell and woke up my parents.

(I learned most of the rest of this from my dad because I hadn’t the ability to store or recall this information) My dad came out and took over for Mike, who retreated to his house, and carried me into the house and up the stairs to the door of my room, which was locked at the time. My dad asked me for the key to my room but evidently in my condition I understood that command as “please hand me your watch” – so I evidently removed the watch from my wrist and handed it to my dad so that he can use it to open my room door. I can only assume that my dad then when picking around my pockets to find my key, opened the door, then aggressively tossed me onto my bed. I do recall the next morning, waking up completely clothed, wreaking, and coming down to the breakfast table. You would think I’d be apologetic or something but not me, I was the complete wiseass and I looked at my father and asked him if he had the time. He was totally pissed and we had a talk about what had happened and that was that. I’ve never Southern Comfort since that night and more than likely never will.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

100 Things…#76-100

  1. I still have the very first vinyl record album I ever owned (Book of Dreams by The Steve Miller Band).
  2. I love Las Vegas.
  3. I am the only person who has ever drank (and got buzzed from) a "snapshot" (I invented the drink because me, my cousin, and her husband said we'd do that next time we went to Vegas. The next time we went, they chickened out of ordering their drinks but not me. There's a fun story that I don't recall if I've told here yet, I'll look into that).
  4. I have great taste in neckties.
  5. I clip coupons and occasionally even remember to bring them food shopping so as to actually get the discounted price.
  6. I was in St. Croix after it had been ravaged by hurricanes. Therefore, they take you on a tour of the Cruzan Rum factory then get you drunk on PiƱa Coladas. Needless to say, I partook.
  7. I was born with a club foot.
  8. I can write on a blackboard with both hands simultaneously creating an instant mirror image with my left hand of the text I am writing with my right. While I am grossly out of practice, I can do my name rather easily; I made sure of that on Friday at work before including here.
  9. I switched majors as an undergraduate because I didn't like the engineering part of Computer Science, so I switched to Business and Management of Information Systems.
  10. I took 6 years to get my Bachelor's degree because when I switched majors, I also went from full-time to part-time so that I could work full-time.
  11. I met Paul Stanley from the band Kiss and actually got week in the knees after getting to chat with him.
  12. I saw INXS in concert at the Sony Studios in NYC with Michael Hutchence in one of his last live performances with the band before he died in 1997.
  13. I have measured it.
  14. The only concert I ever walked out on was Robert Plant. Yes, the former lead singer of Led Zeppelin actually sucked enough live to walk out. He was at a point in his career where he couldn't yet accept that he was not able to sing in the same vocal range as his past and he was dancing around in a foolish manner not becoming of his age, music, or relevance.
  15. I have a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from the New York Institute of Technology.
  16. I absofuckinglutely (to borrow a word from Brookem) hate golf.
  17. I once used and Easy Bake Oven™ as a weapon in a street fight.
  18. I have a super sweet tooth. Chocolate is my first love but I am a candy fanatic, all kinds.
  19. Growing up in NY, I was actually a Dallas Cowboys fan. I kind of left football by the wayside for a few years but I have become a New England Patriots fan in recent years because I love their team spirit and impeccable sportsmanship (though I hate that they charge $35 to park at their stadium).
  20. As a testament to my dorkiness in high school, I participated in both Junior Varsity and Varsity…holy crap am I about to admit this?...Math League. That's right, Math League – go ahead, poke fun, I can handle it.
  21. I was at the World Trade Center in NYC less than two months before the 9/11 tragedy (the picture I took lives on this blog).
  22. I received $333.33 in a settlement after my first car was hit and run, then towed away all while I was asleep. What I love about this is that the car was a 1976 Ford Granada that I paid $300 for. I soon after purchased my second car, a 1976 Mercury Monarch (basically the same car) for $200 making the next cost of my first two cars a whopping $176 (about what I spend per month on gas for my current car).
  23. I drove a "stolen" car for about 10 months.
  24. When I hear back from a student (either directly or indirectly) that they appreciated being in my class, I feel a wonderful sense of validation.
  25. I've been offered sexual favors for a grade.

Out Like a Light

I don't get it, but I am so friggin' tired. I got home last night after struggling to stay awake for the very short drive from work and just crashed on my couch only to wake up around 1 am and then get up into bed. Were I a complete paranoid, I'd say I'd been drugged or ate some bad fish or took the wrong medication – but I suspect it's just my body telling me to slow down and take a me day soon, or else.
Since I am not at the same computer as the remainder of my 100 things list, you'll all have to wait until tonight for 76-100 my little pretties.
I am concurrently reading "The 6th Target" by James Patterson and "Four to Score" by Janet Evanovich. Lindsay Boxer, the main character in the Patterson series is totally hot, at least the way my imagination has conjured her up. I've heard rumors that Reese Witherspoon has been tapped to play the role of Stephanie Plum when they finally make a film version, but I've already cast Eva Mendes – so F.U. Hollywood hotshot know-it-alls.
One last follow-up with the cardiologist at 4:30 this afternoon – I suspect all is fine but looking forward to hearing him say so. Shoot, I just remembered I need to run home because I forgot some Springsteen stuff I meant to give to the doctor – he's a Jersey native and a fellow Springsteen fan.
Peace 4 Now.

Monday, July 23, 2007

100 Things...#51-75

  1. I love to read. When I was younger, purely fiction but as an adult, I love autobiography/biography, documentary/history, I really love travel journals (Bill Bryson rocks) all in addition to fiction.
  2. While I have acquired a taste for a variety of foods, for me, Pizza remains the all-time perfect food item.
  3. As a work-study student in college, I wrote a computer program called "Memory Digit Span" under the direction of the department of Psychology. The program was later marketed as part of a Psychology Software series (I got no royalties).
  4. I worked in a NYC recording studio for about 2½ hours. I took the job with hopes of getting a foot in the door into the music biz (so sue me for being a dreamer). Anyway, I got to work at 9 and when I realized the job would never be more than a data entry job, I took an early lunch and never came back. I never even went to claim my pay for those few hours.
  5. I was at a birthday party for the late, great Joey Ramone one year back in the 80's. It was at a rather small club in downtown NYC. I can't for the life of me recall the name of the band that was playing, which is how I got there with a press credential from the college radio station but it was a cool night.
  6. One 4th of July I threw a lit bottle rocket up in the air only to have it land back in my hand before exploding. Fortunately there were no long term effects and I even continued playing with fireworks for several years afterward.
  7. Sometimes when I am laughing real hard, I make snorting sounds. The snorting sound then make me laugh even harder because I am laughing at the snorting sounds in addition to what I was already laughing at.
  8. Teaching is my calling.
  9. I have 7 e-mail addresses that I check regularly (time for some consolidation).
  10. On the exact date that I was born, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer premiered on NBC (that makes me feel old).
  11. The longest book I ever read was "Battlefield Earth" written by that sloth L. Ron Hubbard before he was the ever so insane founder of Scientology. I read all 1200+ pages hoping it would eventually get good but it never did.
  12. I hate getting "all dressed up." Jeans, t-shirt (or polo shirt), and sneakers are my favorite wardrobe items.
  13. Briefs, most of the time. Boxer-briefs, occasionally. Boxers, only when necessary.
  14. I am acrophobic.
  15. There was a stretch of time, say between the ages of 19 and 23 or so where smoking pot, watching horror films, and making 7-11 runs were the core of my existence (fortunately it was just a phase).
  16. George Carlin is my favorite stand-up comedian of all time.
  17. I am right handed.
  18. When I was in high school, I got caught using a counterfeit train pass and the police officer "wrote me up" and notified my parents (boy did I get it when I got home).
  19. When I was a paper boy, I intentionally threw a newspaper through the window of a customer who owed me for more than 8 weeks and was nowhere to be found.
  20. I accidentally shot myself with a .22 caliber blank pistol which left a nasty burn mark on my waist for a long time.
  21. I was born premature.
  22. Between the birth of my older brother and I, my mother had three miscarriages. I have constantly wondered if any number of them had been born whether or not I would exist.
  23. I love Spongebob Squarepants!
  24. Jeff Bridges is my favorite actor (I know that seems wacky). Also, I think Robin Williams is a better dramatic actor than a comedic one.
  25. During a bachelorette party at Dick's Last Resort (when it was at the Pru and good) a girl asked me what brand of underwear I was wearing. When I replied "Fruit of the Loom" she asked if she could have the label to which I said, "have at it." I then went back to the conversation I was in the middle of while she went slicing around my undies. It wasn't until later than night that I discovered she had taken the entire elastic band! There were some wild times in that place.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Dear Friends Jenn & Steve

I've mentioned my friends Jenn & Steve here before. I've known them for some time and they've performed all over these Boston city limits. I just returned from seeing their last gig at The Barking Crab in Boston. My dear friends have made the decision to move out to L.A. and take their chance in the land of hopes and dreams.

Jenn and Steve are wonderful talents and gifted performers. In fact, Steve is as good a guitar player as anyone I have ever heard play the instrument and he plays with a passion that I haven't heard or felt since Hendrix. Jenn is a gifted bassist but also shines as a vocalist. I asked that they sing Me & Bobby McGee because when I hear Jenn sing that song, I get goose bumps. her vocal on that song channels the spirit of Janis Joplin but adds a dimension that is purely Jenn and simply beautiful.

I am going to miss them being close by but I love them both so much and know how important this pursuit is to them and I admire their courage to accept this challenge. Jenn and Steve, you know this, my friendship and support is the same whether you are 3 or 3000 miles away. You will both be in my heart and prayers and my greatest wish is that you find what you are looking for. I will always be there for you and I look forward to visiting with you out left.

Godspeed my friends.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My First Podcast

Click here to go to my first podcast listen to it right here:

Friday, July 20, 2007

100 Things...#26-50

As I write this on Friday at 6:38pm, I have written 71 of the 100 things about me and find it more and more difficult each time. This has been something of a therapy session as well as a walk down memory lane. Enjoy 26-50, more to come.

26. I am a big Howard Stern fan.
27. I love to cook.
28. I love to bake.
29. The first concert I ever went to was Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden.
30. Shaving is my least favorite daily necessity.
31. I have more than 2,000 music CD’s.
32. I have been to the Republic of Kiribati.
33. I’ve worn glasses since the 4th grade.
34. I love magic and have performed for friends and children.
35. I have 2 dental implants.
36. I collected stamps as a young boy (I still have them).
37. I was a boy scout.
38. I’ve seen Blue Man Group 4 times (3 times in Boston, once in Las Vegas).
39. I went to Catholic School for 12 years and was never fondled by a priest.
40. I heart Amy Sedaris and can’t walk past an issue of The New Yorker without checking if there’s an essay by David Sedaris.
41. I’ve had five cats in my life: Cocoa, Ernie, Gabby, Tuffy, and Oliver (my current cat).
42. I spent a lot of years working in retail environments growing up and as a result have become desensitized to most holidays (especially Christmas).
43. I’ve written a rap song. I also wrote a song, on a dare, called “My Giraffe Hurts” which I performed at my friends Jerry’s 30th birthday party to complete the dare.
44. It makes me mental when someone refers to desktop wallpaper as a “screen saver”.
45. I have eaten an entire dog biscuit.
46. I smoked a cigarette for the first time at the age of 8 (thanks to my brother’s corruption). I am not a smoker – that’s some yucky stuff.
47. I once went to a Halloween party dressed as Harpo Marx and didn’t talk for the entire time.
48. My belly button is an insie.
49. I once owned a bass guitar that I named “Suzanne” because at the time Lou Reed had a new song called “I Love You Suzanne.”
50. I think Angelina Jolie is skanky and overrated on almost every level.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

100 Things...the first 25

Years in the making, years of avoidance, years of procrastination...here are the first 25 (in no particular order) of my 100 things about me list:
  1. I love country music.
  2. I didn’t go to my high school prom because I was too afraid to ask the girl I wanted to go with.
  3. Years later, the girl I wanted to go with told me she waited for me to ask her to the prom.
  4. If there were one thing I had to pick that I could not live without it would be music.
  5. I have eaten calf brains.
  6. I cry.
  7. I wear a size 11 shoe (give or take ½ size depending on the shoe).
  8. My current car is the fourth car I’ve owned, but the first that I bought brand new.
  9. I don’t enjoy the beach.
  10. I love to watch lightning.
  11. I’ve written more than 50 poems.
  12. I am a lifelong New York Yankees fan.
  13. I believe in God.
  14. I was born and raised Roman Catholic.
  15. I am no longer Roman Catholic (I am now an Episcopalian).
  16. I am a middle child.
  17. I have performed stand-up comedy.
  18. I can’t swim.
  19. I did a radio show in college.
  20. I am ticklish.
  21. I consider Roy Orbison as the greatest singer of all time.
  22. I’ve gotten down on one knee and proposed marriage to Joan Jett.
  23. I have appeared in Relix, the Grateful Dead Magazine.
  24. I’ve been in a movie (Fast Forward), though only made it on the rental box.
  25. I, along with members of my family, auditioned for Family Feud.

Drinking Problem?

Here's a dude with bad hair and proof that a bad drinking problem could eventually lead to back problems:

Now that I think of it, he hind of looks like Richard Marx...


I really meant to have a post yesterday but sleep eventually one, even though I still don't feel that I got enough of it. I started on my first "100 Things" list; I've read many of them over the last 3+ years but never put one together. last night I began thinking that it would be a breeze but no, much harder than I thought. I did crank out about 30 or so and will continue to work on that.

later, I diverted to podcasting after listening to Airam's and exploring the tools that she is using. So I created my account and started working on a podcast completely unscripted but it just didn't work out, so that too will be here at some other time.

I then attempted to create a seal on ARM's recommendation but the creative juices just weren't flowing. On top of all this not accomplishing stuff, I kept dozing off in what appeareed like narcoleptic fits. I really should get away alone somewhere but that just isn't going to happen thanks to the contractor who I just finished giving lots of money too (among other reasons).

It's 7:15 am and I need to get to work - have a great day and I'll check in later.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Memories, circa 1978

I dug out my elementary school autograph book. I went to "catholic school" growing up so elementary was grades 1 through 8. In eighth grade, we got an autograph book so people could write cutesy and/or mean things to wish you well in high school and beyond. There were also some other pages that we get to fill out such as:

Favorite Song: Detroit, Rock City
High School: Bishop Ford (I did attend Bishop Ford because after 8 years of being beaten by nuns, who wouldn't want four more years of quality catholic school education?)
College: U.C.L.A (I didn't go there, but back in '78, me and my cousin Lisa planned on going out to LA together, her to be a marine biologist and me to be an...)
Profession: Actor & Singer (I guess that dream didn't pan out either. By the way, Lisa didn't get to U.C.L.A. either - she eventually became a NYC Police Officer)

Here are a few standout posts:

Dad: "Mement Auder Semper" (Dad showing off with his command of Latin. I still don't know what it means for certain but I think it something to the effect that I should always be courageous.)
My Brother John: "In your life there'll be lots of strife. Look towards your goal and aim straight. Don't take no one's bullshit..." (That's Johnny Boy)
Danny (not sure which): "Remember the alley, remember the grass, remember the time I kicked our ass." (There's a great memory to relive 29 years later)
Joey Bassolino: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, If you are a chimp, go climb a tree." (How pleasant to be referred to as my simian ancestors)
Dennis Cameron: "Good Luck in High School, College, Marriage, and Death." (Here's a case of Karma biting you in the ass. Dennis Cameron was hit by a car on Flatbush Avenue and killed the summer just months after writing this to me.
Mike Torre (The son of the current manager of the New York Yankees): "May your days be bright and your life be in clover. May everything turn out right and may your toilet never run over."
Joseph Tarrazi: "Thanks for the picture, it was very nice. I use it in my cellar to scare away the mice. Good Luck Always." (How sweet, kick me in the gut then wish me well)
Pat Sullivan: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I shot my monkey because it looked like you." (Is there a theme evolving?)
Francine White: "When flowers are booming they're ready for plucking. When boys are 14, they're ready for...graduation."

Oh, such sweet memories. Good times.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bloggerville Brethren and Fry Pod

We here in bloggerville need to band together and send out as much positive energy to Sprizee's dad, Sprizee, and her family. Sprizee's dad is having bypass surgery tomorrow - any of you who've had a loved one go through, or have been through it yourself, know that it's a tough road to travel. Please send your positive thoughts and prayers, if you do prayers. Visit her blog and let her know that you are with her in spirit.

In roughly three weeks, our pal Egan is gonna be a daddy! You go big daddy!

Egan and Brookem both completed triathlons this past weekend - whose better than them?

Inside Edition did a creepy story about the dangers of wearing your iPod during a storm. Click here for the story and gruesome photos.

The bathroom remodel, at least the contractor portion is complete! I just need to get a finish carpenter in to take care of some odds and ends and get the ceiling painted and then done done. Pics to follow soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Greatest Hits - Volume 3

The last two years I have posted "Greatest Hits" volumes 1 and 2 while I was away on vacation. Since I won't be going away on vacation this year, but I do have a few wonderful new folks around these parts, I thought I would assemble a Greatest Hits Volume 3 (which includes links to GH 1 and 2) so that the new folks can have an easy reference back to what I consider the best posts in this wacky place.

I am so amazed at how the blogging community has evolved in the slightly over three years since I've been blogging. Anyway, welcome to everyone who reads this blog whether it just be a one time pass through or an extended stay. Later this afternoon, Greatest Hits volume 3 will appear right here, until then, I bid you peace.

Greatest Hits - Volume 3

A Poem/Prayer by Thomas Merton
Answering your Call
Meet Cory
Wanted, Children's Book Author
The Piano
Christmas Angel
Cat Talk
Milestone Meaning
Reach Around Sue
I Wrote a Sniglet!
A Baby Panda Sneezes...
Funny Amazon Review
Thinking About You
No Laughing Matter
No Post Today
Greatest Hits - Volume 2 (includes link to GH v. 1)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Texas Chowduh?

I attended three sessions today at the conference. The first one sucked, the second one was very mediocre, and the last one was amazing. The guy who ran the conference was from a college in Texas and he was talking about how he and his wife were touring the city of Boston. He mentioned that he had for some reason "tried the fried chicken and y'all have to work on that some." Without missing a beat, I shouted jokingly (in the best Boston accent I could muster up), "I've never ordered chowduh in Texas."

What was more interesting to me was how he referred to it as "the fried chicken". The only fried chicken I've ever eaten in the state of MA is my own, which is awesome, and KFC, which is necessary on occasion.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Me As a Simpson

After seeing Airam's avatar, I couldn't resist creating my own. This avatar is a cross breed of past, present, and future:

In other news, I am in Boston, at the Hynes Convention Center, for the next three days attending Blackboard World, a conference for career computer geeks in education.

The All-Star break already, holy crap!

I recently finished watching season one of my all-time favorite sitcom, The Odd Couple. I have already pre-ordered season two, due in August.

I've got a few new friends on the blogs I frequent list, check 'em out.

Peace and Love.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dutch Oven Update

Two posts within a few days all about a dutch oven, nice f-ing life I got going on, eh? Here's the Le Creuset product:
This one sells for $175.99 at AMAZON.COM, which I can assure you is discounted.
Here's the LODGE product, which I decided to order for $53.99:

Now I have been wrong before, maybe even more times than I've been right. However, LODGE is not a fly by night company in the cookware department and in fact, kitchen experts such as Alton Brown even have LODGE on their preferred list for cast-iron cookware products. I can't bring myself to spend more than 3x more on the Le Creuset (nor can I afford to). By the way, the LODGE actually has a 6 qt. capacity, 1/2 qt. more than the Le Creuset.
I need to wait until the 15th for the expected ship date and a couple days beyond that to receive the product (assuming it ships on time). I already know the first recipe that I'll be cooking in it - I'll post the recipe and the initial review of the product after the fact (cause I got that kind of time to post a third time about a piece of cookware).

I've Got that Trapper John Kind of Feeling

I remember being allowed to stay up on Sunday nights to watch Trapper John, MD. Afterward, it was bedtime as the following Monday was a school day. While it is just before a quarter past seven as I type this, it is Sunday evening and while I don't have school tomorrow, I do have work and I work in a school, so I have that feeling. In fact, the feeling is even worse because I was on "vacation" this past week so I am going back to work after not being there for a week. Worse yet, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, I am heading into Boston for a conference so I only really have Monday to "catch up" on what I've missed and still then only part of the day because I need to make so preparations for the conference.

Brief Bathroom Remodel Update...If any of you really wanna see pics, lemme know and I'll take a few and post them. The shower is complete as is "the window wall". The new moldings are up on the window and the door frames. Still to go, two more walls and the floor then the vanity, sink, and medicine cabinet as well as the shower door. After this is completed I need to get a carpenter to put a new closet door in and I think I am going to change or refinish/paint the bathroom door itself. As I mentioned previously, this has all slowed to a crawl due to an injury to the contractor but the work thus far is quite nice.

Finally, here's a great picture of my boy Oliver yawning:

Friday, July 06, 2007

Would You Believe...An Online Baby Shower?

Last evening I had an unusual, yet completely entertaining experience; I atended a baby shower held online. I think the success of the event marks an evolutionary point in the concept of a "blogging community".

What I really found to be interesting about the experience is that is was not so far unlike the physical act of attending such a party. I met a number of people, some with whom I have some level of acquaintance as some whom I had met for the first time. I had terrific conversation, I laughed, I shared a very real, very important moment in the lives of two very special people...I just happened to accomplish it while sitting in my living room in front of a notebook computer.

To those of you who were there that are reading this, I really did have a good time and look forward to getting to know all of you better. To Egan and N-Po - parenting is something you really can't prepare for, though many will tell you otherwise. I can only offer the following advice (in no particular order): Savor every moment, expect the unexpected, accept the responsibilities, trust your instincts, it's okay to be human, and remember the most important word in the English language...LOVE.

In Search of a Dutch Oven

I am officially deep in search for a high quality 5-6 quart dutch oven. I am looking for enamel coated cast-iron, something that can withstand an oven temperature of around 400 degrees or more, and one that I don't need to take out a home equity loan to purchase.

In the meantime,I just finished watching the movie Stranger than Fiction, with Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Wow, what a great flick! I loved the concept, the execution, and the acting. Ferrell did a great job in a dramatic role and Gyllenhaal got me to fall for her. Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson were great in supporting roles, Oscar worthy in fact, and I can even forgive Queen Latifah's presence as it didn't totally suck.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence Day Meme (A Day Late)

1. Which historical American figure would you most like to be for a day - George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson?
Benjamin Franklin. I think the general perception of Franklin was that he was really smart and I like to be though of that way. Besides, I like flying kites and from what I hear, he was pretty popular with the ladies.

2. America was born partly with the help of the Declaration of Independence. Now, in 2007, make your own declaration right here.
I solemnly declare on the 5th day of July in the year of our Lord, 2007, the following:
No day is complete without at least one episode of Spongebob Squarepants
Blogging rules
All shoelaces should come with a lifetime warranty
Running shoes aren't just for running
Dunkin Donuts Coffee
Hillary in 2008

3. To sidetrack from the American theme a bit - Great Britain lost 13 colonies, but there are surely things that can make up for that loss. Name something about Britain that you admire or enjoy.
Their education system in light years ahead of the US. Plus, some really col music has come from there.

4. Ok, back to America - what do YOU love about America?
(So far) No matter how bad things get, there is always somewhere else where things are far worse, I have lived amongst and worked with immigrants from every country I can name (and a few I can't). In fact, my father was an immigrant. Every one that comes to this country from somewhere else will tell you the same thing about why they come here, opportunity. There is no greater breadth of opportunity regardless of who you are, where you come from, and what you start with.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Day on the Vineyard

I spent the day at Martha's Vineyard yesterday. I had never been to the Vineyard before and most of what I knew of it was the following:
  • James Taylor and Carly Simon both live there (pretty close to each other).
  • It's expensive.
  • You need to get there by boat from the mainland (there is a small airport on the Island as well but $$$$$$).
All of the above are true. Here's some other Vineyard facts I learned:
  • All but two towns are "dry". Oak Bluffs and Edgartown are the only places you can order a real libation.
  • U2 visits Oak Bluffs regularly and plays in the local bars. Imagine seeing U2 in a small bar for the meager $1 cover charge to enter the bar.
  • Many other "famous" people have homes on the island.
  • Year round population is around 25,000; in the summer, 100,000.
  • Many of the homes on the island were built prior to the civil war.
  • White cedar shingles are the siding of preference.
  • The tour company on the island blows - save your $23.
  • The oldest working carousel lives in Oak Bluffs and it's just $1.50 per ride (get the bronze ring and win a free ride).
More importantly, Giordano's in Oak Bluffs now has the distinct honor of the best Pizza I've eaten in the state of Massachusetts (it's tough to please a native New Yorker in the Pizza department).
Overall, I enjoyed myself and would go back. Oh, don't even think about bringing a car over. Not only is it expensive to transport on the ferry, you'll spend most of your time looking for parking. Fortunately, I did not bring the car and am happier for it.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Grillin' with Mr. Me II - A Story in Photo's (and some words too)

Remember the grilled corn I talked about in the last post about grilling? Here's what it looks like.
Here are three lovely rock cornish games hens on the rotisserie - the main course for this evenings meal"
And, here I am, geeking it up at the grill: