Friday, July 20, 2007

100 Things...#26-50

As I write this on Friday at 6:38pm, I have written 71 of the 100 things about me and find it more and more difficult each time. This has been something of a therapy session as well as a walk down memory lane. Enjoy 26-50, more to come.

26. I am a big Howard Stern fan.
27. I love to cook.
28. I love to bake.
29. The first concert I ever went to was Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden.
30. Shaving is my least favorite daily necessity.
31. I have more than 2,000 music CD’s.
32. I have been to the Republic of Kiribati.
33. I’ve worn glasses since the 4th grade.
34. I love magic and have performed for friends and children.
35. I have 2 dental implants.
36. I collected stamps as a young boy (I still have them).
37. I was a boy scout.
38. I’ve seen Blue Man Group 4 times (3 times in Boston, once in Las Vegas).
39. I went to Catholic School for 12 years and was never fondled by a priest.
40. I heart Amy Sedaris and can’t walk past an issue of The New Yorker without checking if there’s an essay by David Sedaris.
41. I’ve had five cats in my life: Cocoa, Ernie, Gabby, Tuffy, and Oliver (my current cat).
42. I spent a lot of years working in retail environments growing up and as a result have become desensitized to most holidays (especially Christmas).
43. I’ve written a rap song. I also wrote a song, on a dare, called “My Giraffe Hurts” which I performed at my friends Jerry’s 30th birthday party to complete the dare.
44. It makes me mental when someone refers to desktop wallpaper as a “screen saver”.
45. I have eaten an entire dog biscuit.
46. I smoked a cigarette for the first time at the age of 8 (thanks to my brother’s corruption). I am not a smoker – that’s some yucky stuff.
47. I once went to a Halloween party dressed as Harpo Marx and didn’t talk for the entire time.
48. My belly button is an insie.
49. I once owned a bass guitar that I named “Suzanne” because at the time Lou Reed had a new song called “I Love You Suzanne.”
50. I think Angelina Jolie is skanky and overrated on almost every level.


egan said...

I'm so relieved you're not a smoker, though that one hit at 8 could have scarred you forever. Glad to know you're better than that.

Amy Sedaris is a wack job, but I love her too. Howard Stern is a good BU guy. I like him for that reason.

I want to know if you fart in public Chris.

Chris said...

Egan - would it be enough to know that I have farten in public?

Buffy said...

I've only been able to come up with 25 things about I. Because I is such a bore.

Chris said...

Buffy - It's really hard to make this list, I had no idea how hard. Thanks for stopping by and please visit again.

Airam said...

Chris you're going to finish your list before I finish mine at this rate!!!

2000 CD's??? How do you keep track of them all!!

I've only had one cat named Fluffy but she "ran away". I'm allergic to cats now.

Your #39 made me laugh ... you should've saved that for #69. And now I'm going to hell.

Chris said...

First off, I've apparently forgotten how to type - I've been noticing more and more typos..sorry!

Airam - I am still stuck at 71 for now.
The CD's are all in alphabetical order by artist.
You may not go to hell for our comment but you may have pissed of the pope.

brookem said...

ha, chris, there are some real gems here.
let's hear more about "my giraffe hurts" some day, k?
magic! and im so with you on #50.

Chris said...

Brookem - Perhaps a My Giraffe Hurts post will happen one day - but it will remain a mystery for now. I love the innuendo!

radioactive girl said...

I used to love Howard Stern when he was married. Lately he has sounded more like an old man who is sort of creepy to me. I still like him, but it isn't the same.

Chris said...

Radioactive Girl - I don't get the same vibe. I like the uncensored version because it sounds like a roomful of folks just doing what they are doing instead of constantly interrupting free flow thought and expression worrying over the censors.

ARM said...

#44?? ME TOO!!! A screen saver is what pops on the computer after it sits for awhile! Not the picture on the background! Holy Hell

I had no idea that I felt so strongly about that. But apparently I do. I know you wrote more interesting things than that, but that's the one I clung to.

Chris said...

ARM - I am glad that there is someone I can count on to back me up on this one.