Monday, July 23, 2007

100 Things...#51-75

  1. I love to read. When I was younger, purely fiction but as an adult, I love autobiography/biography, documentary/history, I really love travel journals (Bill Bryson rocks) all in addition to fiction.
  2. While I have acquired a taste for a variety of foods, for me, Pizza remains the all-time perfect food item.
  3. As a work-study student in college, I wrote a computer program called "Memory Digit Span" under the direction of the department of Psychology. The program was later marketed as part of a Psychology Software series (I got no royalties).
  4. I worked in a NYC recording studio for about 2½ hours. I took the job with hopes of getting a foot in the door into the music biz (so sue me for being a dreamer). Anyway, I got to work at 9 and when I realized the job would never be more than a data entry job, I took an early lunch and never came back. I never even went to claim my pay for those few hours.
  5. I was at a birthday party for the late, great Joey Ramone one year back in the 80's. It was at a rather small club in downtown NYC. I can't for the life of me recall the name of the band that was playing, which is how I got there with a press credential from the college radio station but it was a cool night.
  6. One 4th of July I threw a lit bottle rocket up in the air only to have it land back in my hand before exploding. Fortunately there were no long term effects and I even continued playing with fireworks for several years afterward.
  7. Sometimes when I am laughing real hard, I make snorting sounds. The snorting sound then make me laugh even harder because I am laughing at the snorting sounds in addition to what I was already laughing at.
  8. Teaching is my calling.
  9. I have 7 e-mail addresses that I check regularly (time for some consolidation).
  10. On the exact date that I was born, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer premiered on NBC (that makes me feel old).
  11. The longest book I ever read was "Battlefield Earth" written by that sloth L. Ron Hubbard before he was the ever so insane founder of Scientology. I read all 1200+ pages hoping it would eventually get good but it never did.
  12. I hate getting "all dressed up." Jeans, t-shirt (or polo shirt), and sneakers are my favorite wardrobe items.
  13. Briefs, most of the time. Boxer-briefs, occasionally. Boxers, only when necessary.
  14. I am acrophobic.
  15. There was a stretch of time, say between the ages of 19 and 23 or so where smoking pot, watching horror films, and making 7-11 runs were the core of my existence (fortunately it was just a phase).
  16. George Carlin is my favorite stand-up comedian of all time.
  17. I am right handed.
  18. When I was in high school, I got caught using a counterfeit train pass and the police officer "wrote me up" and notified my parents (boy did I get it when I got home).
  19. When I was a paper boy, I intentionally threw a newspaper through the window of a customer who owed me for more than 8 weeks and was nowhere to be found.
  20. I accidentally shot myself with a .22 caliber blank pistol which left a nasty burn mark on my waist for a long time.
  21. I was born premature.
  22. Between the birth of my older brother and I, my mother had three miscarriages. I have constantly wondered if any number of them had been born whether or not I would exist.
  23. I love Spongebob Squarepants!
  24. Jeff Bridges is my favorite actor (I know that seems wacky). Also, I think Robin Williams is a better dramatic actor than a comedic one.
  25. During a bachelorette party at Dick's Last Resort (when it was at the Pru and good) a girl asked me what brand of underwear I was wearing. When I replied "Fruit of the Loom" she asked if she could have the label to which I said, "have at it." I then went back to the conversation I was in the middle of while she went slicing around my undies. It wasn't until later than night that I discovered she had taken the entire elastic band! There were some wild times in that place.


Airam said...


Airam said...

I love pizza too!!!!! I could eat it 3 times a day. And as a midnight snack.

Good for you for taking that never ending lunch!

Why did you catch the bottle rocket?!?!?! I'm glad you're ok!!

Oh GOD ... I do the snorting thing too sometimes and I get sooo embarassed but I laugh harder as well!

You're a trooper reading that Hubbard book. I'd have given up by page 500.

You wondering about whether you'd exist is something I wonder too. I was a last shot for my parents to have a girl after they had 3 boys.

Chris said...

Airam - You win the first place prize - the first comment.

Thanks for validating the never ending lunch, not that I ever felt guilty, but it's always nice to know others think it was the right move.


brookem said...

chris, what im wondering is, when do you deem boxers as "necessary?" briefs, okay, i can see where perhaps they'd be necessary, but when are boxers a necessity?

i love your lists. you share some good stuff!

Chris said...

Airam - NBTW - cathcing the bottle rocket was unintentional. It owuld be more accurate to say it fell back down into my hand or even more accurately "rocketed" back down into my hand before exploding - OUCH!

radioactive girl said...

57 and 62 me too!

Fireworks have always terrified me, and I have never had a bad experience with them at all.

ARM said...

Oh wow. So much in this one.

I snort-laugh, too. I think Egan has actually heard me snort-laugh.

Pizza is probably the #1 food of all time. Always will be.

George Carlin...genius. He is pure genius.

Chris said...

First, a type correction, in my response above to Airam..."NBTW - cathcing" should have read, "BTW - catching"

Radioactive Girl - we used to actually build crazy bombs with M-80's. The class was what we called the powder bomd and it consisted of either a miniature creal box or a toilet paper carboard roll filled with either baby powder or flour and an M-80 - when detonated, there is a great mess everywhere but it is quite entertaining to watch.

ARM - You, me, and Airam can have a conference laugh snort sometime :).

Chris said...

Brookem - How can I describe when boxers are a necessity and not sound goofy? Here's a for instance: One year I did the walk for hunger and I rained buckets for the first 8 miles of the walk and I had no rain protection gear so my clothing and the rest of me got really soaked. Needless to say, when the 20 miles was completed and I had made my way home, in my very damp denim shorts and briefs beneath there was a certain level of discomfort. Some of the ongoing discomfort can be relieved by the "loose" fitting boxers where briefs would only aggravate it. Does this help?

brookem said...

this helps chris. thanks for the example. :)