Wednesday, July 25, 2007

100 Things…#76-100

  1. I still have the very first vinyl record album I ever owned (Book of Dreams by The Steve Miller Band).
  2. I love Las Vegas.
  3. I am the only person who has ever drank (and got buzzed from) a "snapshot" (I invented the drink because me, my cousin, and her husband said we'd do that next time we went to Vegas. The next time we went, they chickened out of ordering their drinks but not me. There's a fun story that I don't recall if I've told here yet, I'll look into that).
  4. I have great taste in neckties.
  5. I clip coupons and occasionally even remember to bring them food shopping so as to actually get the discounted price.
  6. I was in St. Croix after it had been ravaged by hurricanes. Therefore, they take you on a tour of the Cruzan Rum factory then get you drunk on Piña Coladas. Needless to say, I partook.
  7. I was born with a club foot.
  8. I can write on a blackboard with both hands simultaneously creating an instant mirror image with my left hand of the text I am writing with my right. While I am grossly out of practice, I can do my name rather easily; I made sure of that on Friday at work before including here.
  9. I switched majors as an undergraduate because I didn't like the engineering part of Computer Science, so I switched to Business and Management of Information Systems.
  10. I took 6 years to get my Bachelor's degree because when I switched majors, I also went from full-time to part-time so that I could work full-time.
  11. I met Paul Stanley from the band Kiss and actually got week in the knees after getting to chat with him.
  12. I saw INXS in concert at the Sony Studios in NYC with Michael Hutchence in one of his last live performances with the band before he died in 1997.
  13. I have measured it.
  14. The only concert I ever walked out on was Robert Plant. Yes, the former lead singer of Led Zeppelin actually sucked enough live to walk out. He was at a point in his career where he couldn't yet accept that he was not able to sing in the same vocal range as his past and he was dancing around in a foolish manner not becoming of his age, music, or relevance.
  15. I have a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from the New York Institute of Technology.
  16. I absofuckinglutely (to borrow a word from Brookem) hate golf.
  17. I once used and Easy Bake Oven™ as a weapon in a street fight.
  18. I have a super sweet tooth. Chocolate is my first love but I am a candy fanatic, all kinds.
  19. Growing up in NY, I was actually a Dallas Cowboys fan. I kind of left football by the wayside for a few years but I have become a New England Patriots fan in recent years because I love their team spirit and impeccable sportsmanship (though I hate that they charge $35 to park at their stadium).
  20. As a testament to my dorkiness in high school, I participated in both Junior Varsity and Varsity…holy crap am I about to admit this?...Math League. That's right, Math League – go ahead, poke fun, I can handle it.
  21. I was at the World Trade Center in NYC less than two months before the 9/11 tragedy (the picture I took lives on this blog).
  22. I received $333.33 in a settlement after my first car was hit and run, then towed away all while I was asleep. What I love about this is that the car was a 1976 Ford Granada that I paid $300 for. I soon after purchased my second car, a 1976 Mercury Monarch (basically the same car) for $200 making the next cost of my first two cars a whopping $176 (about what I spend per month on gas for my current car).
  23. I drove a "stolen" car for about 10 months.
  24. When I hear back from a student (either directly or indirectly) that they appreciated being in my class, I feel a wonderful sense of validation.
  25. I've been offered sexual favors for a grade.


Airam said...

These are great and a lot of them made me giggle.

Chris said...

Airam - Thanks - now I am curious though which of them made yhou giggle.

ARM said...

What is a club foot? I've heard people speaking of them before, but I honestly don't know.

You saw Michael Hutchence in concert? I'm jealous.

I want to hear more about the easy bake oven/street fight story.

egan said...

Is #83 required because of the company you work for?

I would love to hear more about the sex favors for a grade favor. At your own leisure though.

ARM - club foot is when a foot bows inward slightly. It results based on how you were in the womb.

Chris said...

ARM - See Egan's response for the club foot answer.

I'll talk about the easy bake oven street fight in my next podcast.

Egan-#83 isn't a requirement but it does come in handy to show off. I learned that I could do this after watching some old dude do it on Letterman a number of years ago.

Airam said...

86, 88, 89, 92, 95

brookem said...

haha! i giggled too. these are interesting chris! i was intrigued by the blackboard one too. as well as the sexual favor for grades and the easy bake.

Chris said...

Airam - thanks for playinig along, the next podcast, which I suspect will be this weekend sometime, is gonna be a doozy!

Brookem - thanks for giggling, I think. Stand by for the podcast where all questions posed on the 100 things list will be answered.

egan said...

I think it's great you use Letterman as an educational experience. I do to, especially stupid human tricks. Does blogging count as a stupid human trick?

Chris said...

I wouldn't call blogging stupid, nor a trick. However, I am glad that you too find educational value in Letterman.

After watching that show for 20+ years, and as much as I still have love for it, it's getting a bit old and overly formulaic to me. I do still "tivo" it and watch most episodes though I must say I have really taken a liking to Jimmy Kimmel's program of late.

M said...

you've been offered sexual favours? Meanwhile I was offered a lolly. ...Of course my student was about 10.

Chris said...

M - Yes, Iteach in a local community college and I was quite surprised to learn just how important a C or better was to certain students. I'll be telling the story in more detail in a Podcast later in the weekend.

Thanks for coming by, I had lost touch with Australia so I'm looking forward to reading your blog.