Thursday, July 19, 2007

100 Things...the first 25

Years in the making, years of avoidance, years of are the first 25 (in no particular order) of my 100 things about me list:
  1. I love country music.
  2. I didn’t go to my high school prom because I was too afraid to ask the girl I wanted to go with.
  3. Years later, the girl I wanted to go with told me she waited for me to ask her to the prom.
  4. If there were one thing I had to pick that I could not live without it would be music.
  5. I have eaten calf brains.
  6. I cry.
  7. I wear a size 11 shoe (give or take ½ size depending on the shoe).
  8. My current car is the fourth car I’ve owned, but the first that I bought brand new.
  9. I don’t enjoy the beach.
  10. I love to watch lightning.
  11. I’ve written more than 50 poems.
  12. I am a lifelong New York Yankees fan.
  13. I believe in God.
  14. I was born and raised Roman Catholic.
  15. I am no longer Roman Catholic (I am now an Episcopalian).
  16. I am a middle child.
  17. I have performed stand-up comedy.
  18. I can’t swim.
  19. I did a radio show in college.
  20. I am ticklish.
  21. I consider Roy Orbison as the greatest singer of all time.
  22. I’ve gotten down on one knee and proposed marriage to Joan Jett.
  23. I have appeared in Relix, the Grateful Dead Magazine.
  24. I’ve been in a movie (Fast Forward), though only made it on the rental box.
  25. I, along with members of my family, auditioned for Family Feud.


Airam said...

This is such a great list! I've learned so much about you ... Family Feud??? Joan Jett?? A movie???

Damn you're a cool dude!

brookem said...

woa woa woa... YANKEES?! chris, what is the story here??? ;)

great list! family feud! so cool!

Chris said...

Airam - growing up in New York City and going to college in Manhattan did make for some interesting opportunities. The moview was about, of all things, break dancing and was directed by Sidney Poitier. I got cast as what they called a "paid extra" because I had one line in the film. However, I ended up on the editing room floor except for the rental VHS box (which I do own a copy of). I got pais $16.00 and lunch for the day.

Brookem - I did grow up in New York, note likey to have been or ever become a Sox fan. I do love Fenway park though and I am not nearly as disrespectful to the Sox or their fans as many (not all) Sox fans are.

radioactive girl said...

Family Feud!!!! One of my favorite shows as a child!

I also love to watch lightning. My husband and I always open the windows when it is raining in hopes that we will see some. I also love the smell of rain.

ARM said...

Old country music or the new stuff? I'm a lover of the classic stuff myself - Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline (she's my girl!!). My parents had a band and that's the stuff they played. I went through a phase growing up where I hated it, but I guess it was ingrained in me. really are a music guy, aren't you? I love it. And thanks for sharing these! Can't wait to see the other.

Chris said...

Radioactive Girl - at the time we auditioned for the Feud, Richard Dawson had been scheduled to be returning as host (Ray Combs was done though I don't believe he had offed himself as of yet).

ARM - I like all of the country stuff. I love Patsy Cline - have that wonderful box set. My dad listened somewhat but I got into it in my own time, a little at first then full blown. I went to Nashville in 1992 and attended what was then called "Fan-Fair" and had a great time. shot some neat video. Aren't you supposed to be in media seclusion in search of HP? Enjoy the book!

egan said...

Dude, I got to teach you to swim. My eyes went there immediately. Let's pencil in a day at Walden Pond. Maybe Brookem will tag along.

Chris said...

Brother, if you can teach me to seim you would be the greatest teacher of all time.