Monday, July 16, 2007

Bloggerville Brethren and Fry Pod

We here in bloggerville need to band together and send out as much positive energy to Sprizee's dad, Sprizee, and her family. Sprizee's dad is having bypass surgery tomorrow - any of you who've had a loved one go through, or have been through it yourself, know that it's a tough road to travel. Please send your positive thoughts and prayers, if you do prayers. Visit her blog and let her know that you are with her in spirit.

In roughly three weeks, our pal Egan is gonna be a daddy! You go big daddy!

Egan and Brookem both completed triathlons this past weekend - whose better than them?

Inside Edition did a creepy story about the dangers of wearing your iPod during a storm. Click here for the story and gruesome photos.

The bathroom remodel, at least the contractor portion is complete! I just need to get a finish carpenter in to take care of some odds and ends and get the ceiling painted and then done done. Pics to follow soon.


brookem said...

chris, you are such a good guy. you're always thinking of others and you just seem to have a huge heart.
wow, what a freaky story about the ipod. that's awful.
looking forward to seeing the pics of the bathroom!
and thank you for your kind words about the triathlon! your virtual support was much appreciated!

ARM said...

What a nice post! This is a great blogging community we have here

Oh, and the iPod thing?...I hate to be mean, but the first question I ask is why was he mowing the lawn in a thunder/lightening storm?

Airam said...

I love how you keep everyone posted on what's going on in other blogs!!

Chris said...

Brookem - thanks for the kind words as well.

ARM - I too love this community. I do agree taht mowing during a storm is a bit odd but I do feel some sympathy for the poor kid.

Airam - it's just a diversion for actually thinking of original material :)

egan said...

Thanks for caring man. It's always nice to see bloggers sharing the love. I'm sure Sprizee appreciates your concern. I know I'm thankful for your kind words. I bet Brookem is too, heck I can tell she is based on your comment.

Thanks again Chris for being such a great guy and caring about others.

Chris said...

Egan - thanks big daddy!

sprizee said...

Chris, I am overwhelmed by your generosity. Thanks so much. It sounds like he's doing pretty well so I'm going over to visit him today and I get to ride a ferry. I'll take any chance I can get to ride a ferry, especially if it's to see someone in my familia.

Chris said...

Sprizee - I too am a ferry afficionado - enjoy the ride and keep the faith.