Saturday, July 14, 2007

Greatest Hits - Volume 3

The last two years I have posted "Greatest Hits" volumes 1 and 2 while I was away on vacation. Since I won't be going away on vacation this year, but I do have a few wonderful new folks around these parts, I thought I would assemble a Greatest Hits Volume 3 (which includes links to GH 1 and 2) so that the new folks can have an easy reference back to what I consider the best posts in this wacky place.

I am so amazed at how the blogging community has evolved in the slightly over three years since I've been blogging. Anyway, welcome to everyone who reads this blog whether it just be a one time pass through or an extended stay. Later this afternoon, Greatest Hits volume 3 will appear right here, until then, I bid you peace.

Greatest Hits - Volume 3

A Poem/Prayer by Thomas Merton
Answering your Call
Meet Cory
Wanted, Children's Book Author
The Piano
Christmas Angel
Cat Talk
Milestone Meaning
Reach Around Sue
I Wrote a Sniglet!
A Baby Panda Sneezes...
Funny Amazon Review
Thinking About You
No Laughing Matter
No Post Today
Greatest Hits - Volume 2 (includes link to GH v. 1)


Airam said...

Such a cute idea! Does this mean that you've a blogging anniversary?

Chris said...

Airam - June 24th was my 3 year anniversary of the blog. However, the greatest hits isn't for the puprose of marking the anniversary, I usually post it while away on vacation. Since I am not going away this year for any extended period of time, I thought I would do it anyway so that you and the other new folks can have easy access to some of the posts I really thought were standouts without having to dig throught he archives (though that's okay too). Also, it allows me to review and take a look back at what the heck I am saying.

ARM said...

What a great idea!! How fun! This will make it easier in my archive divings!!

And even though you haven't done this to mark a blogaversary, Happy belated one all the same!

I have to agree with you about the evolving of the blogging community. I started in 2004 and after a year, I left because there was just so much negativity. When I came back last September, I was amazed at how different it was. And how wonderful the right types of bloggers are!!

Chris said...

ARM - I hope you have fun digging in. Thanks for the belations (is that a new word?). I am glad you came back.

brookem said...

great idea chris! three years, that's awesome!

Chris said...

Brookem-Thanks - enjoy!